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A look back: The journey of transitioning our website

Our company made the strategic decision to shut down the community information and directory website in 2019, just before COVID-19. We had decided to focus our resources and efforts on our very unique website to make it even better. We would continue to use the 20-year old brand for our web design and digital marketing services.

Listings By Category Revolutionizes Travel Planning with 4300 New Attractions Added to Directory

Calgary, May 16, 2023 –, the leading online resource for cross-Canada road trip planning, has announced a major expansion of its directory with the addition of over 4300 attractions across Canada. These newly added listings further enhance the website’s comprehensive coverage of Attractions, Entertainment, Shopping, Sports & Recreation,  and Travel Services, offering a one-stop platform for travelers exploring the…

Graphic Design Services

Graphic Design Services Overview

Most people think of us as a web company, We have created a number of collateral items, to help your brand and business reach a wider audience. This is a small list of our services: Brochures, Business Cards, Letterheads and Envelopes, Postcards / Handbills, Posters, Signage, Stickers, Tradeshow Banners, Online Ads, Email Campaigns, Social Media Banners, QR Codes If there…

ESG disclosure and reporting

What is ESG Disclosure and why should I care?

As the planet see ever-more-significant impacts from Climate Change, the concerns are rapidly shifting from we’ll deal with it “next century” to we need to start mitigating and redirecting resource and efforts NOW. Because of the impacts on weather, wildlife, and water quality & quantity, Investors are looking for better disclosure of how companies are of like mind. This concern…

Email on smartphone (Torsten Dettlaff)

Time for your ANNUAL LinkedIn review

By Mark Ruthenberg, Advantage Tech  Inc. and TransCanada FoundLocally Inc. Many folks misunderstand LinkedIn and assume its only for job hunting (and may have even used it for just that!) but it’s developed into much more… It’s now a great tool for building  teams, assessing teams, and doing “due diligence” on business deals. If your LinkedIn profile has not been updated (or you… home screen

Recent Updates to WordPress

WordPress is a flexible environment for website building, once used just for blogs. Its nice becuase there are many drag & drop features, editing and updating is easy and user-friendly, and there are a GAZILLLION templates (“themes” ) and lots of “plugins” to add additional features, tools, and capabilities. And many are free, all are affordable (many with a one-time…

TCH business card 2020 folded

We have new business cards! What do you think?

Since we have chosen to focus our efforts on TWO THINGS: our website, and our web design/web marketing services under the FoundLocally brand, we have updated our business cards! And they are folding and double-sided. What do you think?

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