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working for YOU

And plenty of new ideas and innovation!

Mark Ruthenberg, working for YOU!

  • Created his first website in 1995
  • Combines Marketing, Graphics, Photography, Business Writing, and e-Commerce experience for websites
  • 25 years experience with Web Design and Web Marketing
  • 12 years experience  with Social Media & Reputation Management 
  • Prior to that, was a Chartered Accountant, Computer Software Trainer, Book Author, Video & Interactive Producer

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Mark Ruthenberg Bio

Mark Ruthenberg, President and Editor-in-Chief has been active in Canada’s internet industry since 1995, when he launched one of Canada’s first online directories and community portals.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Ottawa’s Carleton University in 1980. He has been consulting in the computer industry since 1983, originally as part of his Chartered Accounting practice. Then he went on build a successful computer training company, and wrote & published 300 computer books, and co-founded a software training CD-ROM company which he took public, before tackling the Internet.

His love of travel, combined with his understanding of technology and the internet, took him in a new direction. In 1995, Mark Ruthenberg launched & funded one of the first community portal sites in Canada, the now-defunct UWannaWhat.

Since 1999, he has built and managed web sites for over a hundred clients,  launched the website (which has grown from one city to 30 communities coast to coast),  and has transitioned into the popular cross-Canada travel website.

He is a popular professional speaker on Internet Strategy, Web Marketing, and Social Media topics. He also consults as Internet & Social Media strategist for Canadian Ventures Inc., a financial consulting firm, and a Vice President and speaker on Job Hunting on the Internet with Advantage Tech Inc., a career transition consulting firm.

Public Speaking

Spoken at more than 20 business group events and trade shows, specializing in topics for Business, Startups and Digital Marketing.  He has spoken at students at all levels of K-12,  and to students at every post-secondary College & University in Calgary (University of Calgary, Mount Royal, SAIT Polytechnic, DeVry University).


Taught over 300 computer courses in Windows, Macintosh and MS-DOS, addressing many types of software, including office productivity, desktop publishing, web design, graphics, web design, operating systems, databases, project management, and accounting software. These courses included Intro, Intermediate, and Advanced classes to a wide-ranging corporate audience from Regina, SK to Victoria, BC up into the Northwest Territories and all points in between.

Mark launched his first website in 1996… that’s a LOT of experience!

Mark Ruthenberg’s Photography

In 2021, Mark’s photography was moved into his domain, where he is also showcasing and selling his oil paintings and pastel drawings.

Project Photography

Mark Ruthenberg is available for digital project photography, for your website, or for other purposes. See the Gallery of images to the right.

Mark has also done significant People Photography, and those images are subject to privacy conditions of the subjects, so are not included in our Galleries.

Photo Galleries   (click to view)

Good photography seems to be

1/3 the camera,

1/3 the photographer’s eye and

1/3 the opportunity (right place, time, and light).

Giving back to the Digital Industry

He was a founding director of Digital Alberta (formerly the Alberta New Media Association), and has served as the President of the Calgary chapter for three years, as Director for eight years, and Director of the provincial association for three years.

He has been on the academic-industry advisory board for New Media studies at SAIT Polytechnic, since the board’s inception in 1998. He has also served five years on the Academic Advisory Board for Media Studies at Mount Royal University. He is regularly invited to speak to students on various internet issues at local colleges and universities., as well as talk about online careers at high school & junior high career days events.

He has been both a judge and a presenter at the Canadian New Media Awards over several years, Judging Co-chair of the “Media Fresh” Awards sponsored by Digital Alberta (formerly the Alberta New Media Association). Mark is also a judge in the international Internet Advertising Competition since 2007 (see some certificates of appreciation). He was involved in the formation of the Alberta New Media Awards in 2001, was the Judging Chair of the 2002 Alberta New Media Awards,  and the 2010 Media Fresh Awards (Alberta). He also serves on the industry advisory boards for New Media programs at several post-secondary institutions.

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Alberta Ne Media Association-First Brochure
Alberta Ne Media Association-First Brochure

Alberta Ne Media Association-First Brochure

Alberta New Media Awards-2002

Alberta New Media Awards-2002

IAC 2009 - Outstanding Judge Award
Internet Advertising Awards Judging Certificate

Internet Advertising Awards Judging Certificate

Internet Advertising Awards - Outstanding Judge Certificate 2016

Internet Advertising Awards - Outstanding Judge Certificate 2016

IAC 2019 Outstanding Judge

IAC 2019 Outstanding Judge

IAC 2020 Outstanding Judge
Alberta Ne Media Association-First BrochureAlberta New Media Awards-2002IAC 2009 - Outstanding Judge AwardInternet Advertising Awards Judging CertificateInternet Advertising Awards - Outstanding Judge Certificate 2016IAC 2019 Outstanding JudgeIAC 2020 Outstanding Judge
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