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We’ve come a LONG WAY in 20 Years!

When we launched the,, and domains in 1999, all we knew for certain was that the internet was going to be a great new “frontier” and we wanted to help Canadian small businesses grow and thrive in it.

We also knew our founder Mark Ruthenberg‘s prior tech experience would be helpful in navigating the many false trails that the internet would present. Here is a chronology of our company’s growth and transitions over the past 17 years.

We also knew we’d be taking on some of Canada’s biggest companies, and that we had to look larger than life.  we’ve learned lots of tricks in online marketing, and in efficient marketing, and in successful online strategies, which we gladly share with those using our services (and that includes our Free Directory!)


COVID Travel Restrictions

As availability of immunization started lifting the blanket bans on travel, we regularly updated COVID and the related Travel Restrictions info to the website

Updated Website imagery and Social Media

We’ve been using social media for a decade, and updated the visual design of our posts for Facebook,. Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest, at the same time improved the use of graphics on many of the pages across out website.

Kicking Horse Canyon Project Radium Detour

Due to seasonal (off-season) closures of the main #1 Trans-Canada Route for major improvements in the Kicking Horse Canyon, detours via Highway 95 and 93 through Radium BC were necessitated. We provided content, information, and maps to help travellers navigate the detour over the 2 year construction period

Trans-Canada Highway BC Flood Content

When several sections of the Trans-Canada in southwestern BC were disrupted due to  2021 flood,and  the highway connection between Vancouver and the rest of BC (and Canada) was affected, we posted content, updates, and detour maps on to help  travellers navigate the disruption.


COVID Travel Restrictions

When the COVID pandemic hit, we added COVID and the related Travel Restrictions info to the website on WordPress

After 20 years using Microsoft SQL Server technology, we used the first few months of COVID to move the website to WordPress technology, to improve functionality, improve the graphics, and enhance the Google Maps.

Trans-Canada Highway to cover ALL Canada

For 20 years we were focused on the main #1 Highway coast to coast, and looking at a post-COVID travel boom inside Canada and from global visitors, we wanted to expand our coverage to other routes (the Yellowhead #16 Route, the Crowsnest #3 Route, the #11 Northern Ontario Route.  And we also better serve travellers to Canada’s Arctic: Nunavut, Northwest Territories, and Yukon.


Updated Responsive Design

We rebuilt all three websites: MovingInCanada,, TransCanadaHighway, and FoundLocally to use “megamenus” and streamline the look and navigation, and improve cross-platform consistency,at the same time speeding up the web page loading.

Movie Listings go direct to Theatre

After 18 years of movie listings, we decided that the ability to book tickets online  was in such demand by consumer, we linked the listings right to each cinema/theatre website.

Rebuilt our Marketing Website

We realized we are not “a company with three websites + marketing services”, but we are “a marketing company, with three websites that PROVE (and support) our marketing services!”. We reviewed our service offerings, and provided more detail about the many great services we have provided clients over our 19 years in business.


SSL – Secure Server

In April, we implemented SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)  to provide secure forms, encrypted communication, as well as better integration with Google maps for our Localmap feature, across,, and

Canada 150

To help celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday, and the people visiting many parts  of the country to share in that, we have added, updated, and upgraded lots of information around our site  and in our business listings.

Trans-Canada Highway history published

We have published the history of the Trans-Canada Highway, as part of the extensive content of its popular travel-planning site, This was done to help people plan and enjoy their cross-Canada road trips to celebrate Canada 150.


Enhanced Login Security

Updated security on Registered Contacts to improve database security

Launched Marketing Website

New WordPress site combines content form Blog, Media Kit and Website Audit domains… using Responsive Design.

Enhanced Masonry Layout (Pinterest-style)

We have expanded our masonry layout (Pinterest-style interface) to a broad range of site sections, with visual links to a wide range of content and [random] featured businesses in our directory

Enhanced the Events Calendar

Increased number of events visible in Calendar, integrated with Pinterest-style feature listings

We’re now TransCanada FoundLocally Inc

re-branding to reflect (a) national scope and (b) our two strongest online brands


Added Farmers Markets weekly events to Calendar

Added weekly Farmers Markets events to calendar to promote local farmers & agriculture

All sites now Responsive Design for tablets & mobile users

After 5 years of dual sites (desktop & mobile) converted all sites, content (over 100,000 pages ), and listings to Responsive Design

Hotel Reservations link direct to Hotel’s website

Now link directly to hotel’s, motel’s, B&B’s reservations info & pricing for BEST RATES and latest info

Fuel Digital Media is our Interactive Agency

Montreal-based Fuel Digital is now representing FoundLocally websites to national advertisers and their agencies. They have 15 years experience with interactive advertising.

Began Adding “Pinterest” style content to all major pages

Included logos for listings, and photos for website content to create greater interest. Added showcase of featured business.


Added LocalMap feature

Showed listings on FoundLocally in Google map layout, with different feature layers. What’s around YOU?

Facebook Pages and Twitter Feeds for each community

Helped to expand local-focused Facebook, Twitter & social media interest

Google AdSense for Interactive Ads

FoundLocally ended a five year relationship with Casale Media (now called Index Exchange) when they converted to “programmatic advertising” technology which adversely affected ad targeting and publisher rates.


Enhanced Home Neighbourhoods info

Neighbourhoods content updated  for FoundLocally cities’ Home’s section , and  with both updated photos, and better Google Maps integration

Trans-Canada Highway Flood Content

When the section of the Trans-Canada at Canmore, AB was disrupted due to a 2013 flood,and  the highway connection between Alberta and BC was affected, we posted content on to help  travellers navigate the disruption.


Added Translation to 57 languages to all FoundLocally sites

Integrated Google Translate so users from other countries and cultures can read FoundLocally in their native language.


Upload Images or Logo for Business Listing

Automatically crop and resize uploaded image for Business Listing, and their events news, jobs, coupons

Mobile/Smart phone version launched

This new version provides FULL access to the extensive informational content and the business directory on all  brands of mobile smartphones without an “App”.

TransCanada Highway Mobile


Added Social Bookmarking & Sharing Making

Now easier for visitors to share our content on THEIR feeds and pages, using AddThis plugin

Trans-Canada Highway Flood Content

When the section of the Trans-Canada between Medicine Hat, AB and Swift Current,SK was disrupted due to a 2010 flood and culvert wash-out,and a 100 km detour was in place, we posted content on to help  travellers navigate the disruption.

Added What To Do? menu for Business Listings

Put the most-used actions on a single menu (in the white stripe) for Registered Contacts

FoundLocally websites move to Casale Media

After careful evaluation, Casale was the strongest Canadian-focused online marketing agency.

Added JUMP Feature

Easy  to go to same PAGE or same SEARCH in adjoinging FoundLocally community


Added Environmental Editorial Content

Content added to all sections of the site, in all communities; Added Environmental field for each business listing

FoundLocally adds RSS Feeds for key info

Enabled dissemination of key posts (listings, news, events, etc) to other blogs and site

Added details itineraries to

Added mile-by-mile details including corr-roads, natural features, attractions, accommodation, towns

Major Upgrade of site

Added more detailed community information, realtor, home builder, condo builders, mover searches

Launched new Web MarketingBlog

Includes new features, news, SEO tips, and insdutry tip sheets

Toronto Waterfront


Added Sports Teams Games to Calendar

Added major league & minor league games for baseball, football, hockey, and soccer team across FoundLocally communities.

Launched 5 Greater Toronto (“GTA”) Community Sites

Launched Toronto, North York, Etobicoke, Scarborough, and York Region portals

Added Top 15 Movie Ranking to Movie Showtimes

Summarize showing on screens across 160 movie theatres across Canada, to determine the Top 15 movies this week

Integrated Facebook, Twitter & Social Media with FoundLocally

Used Social media to enhance conversations & interactions with our followers for each of our 3 sites


Logos & Links now Free!

To grow listings by small business, also free postings for jobs, news, events, coupons/sales/flyers

Added Ratings & Reviews

Allow users to post their reviews of businesses and organziations in the FoundLocally directory

Full Google Maps integration in

Itineraries show details around exits, interchanges, and for communities along the highway

Launched Kitchener-Waterloo site

Start of expansion west of GTA along the Highway 401 corridor


Sites launched for Hamilton & Oakville-Burlington

Start of expansion into the Greater Toronto Area (“GTA”)

Launched Hamilton FoundLocally Site

Began expansion into Greater Toronto Area (GTA) & Golden Horseshoe


Launched Niagara Falls & Barrie-Muskoka Sites

Sites for Southern Ontario, with most-popular travel destinations for Toronto residents

Calgary Flood Special Content

When Calgary was affected by the flood of 2005, we posted content on the site and on to help locals and travellers navigate the disruption


Launched 4 Maritimes Community Sites

Added directories for St John’s, Halifax, Charlottetown, and Fredericton

Added online hotel reservations

Linked with BookDirect for online hotel bookings, integrated with directory and hotel search

Niagara Falls with Rainbow Bridge


Added Jobs & Resumes to business listings

Post job openings for businesses & volunteer opportunities for community groups. Users can post their resumes for businesses to view.

Image Gallery Added for local photographs used on websites

Search and display images (with FREE USE for schools, students, teachers)


Launched Thunder Bay, Ottawa-Gatineau FoundLocally sites

After completing local research and photography, launched more sites along Trans-Canada Highway

Ottawa Convention Centre and Rideau Canal, from Slater Street Bridge, Downtown


Added new Virtual Tours for many cities

QuickTime Virtual Tours added for cities across West

Online Advertising through Clickthrough Interactive

Signed with Toronto-based Clickthrough Interactive to represent FoundLocally sites to national advertisers (note: Clickthrough has since become 24/7 RealMedia)

Added Events to listings, launched in Okanagan-Shuswap

FoundLocally expanded features and geographic scope

Launched in Sudbury and Sault Ste Marie

Added more communities along Trans-Canada Highway, to strengthen national traavel information.


FoundLocally launched in 6 cities across Prairies sites launched from Victoria to Winnipeg, linked together through, sites which extend across Canada

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