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Social Media

Engagement, Interactions, Success!

Seeing less than

optimal results

with “Social”?

Top Problems with Social Media Marketing

  1. It takes patience: like growing a plant, organic processes takes time
  2. You only reach those choosing to follow </strong
  3. Hard to get existing customers to “like” your Social media
  4. Distracts effort &attention from your website.
  5. There are too many Social Media and “sharing” sites to focus on
  6. People aren’t on Social Media all the time.
    Fixes: Timing & “boosting”

Is Social Media Marketing Working for YOU?

Consider the following questions when it comes to social media.

  • Are your Social Media activities helping  your SEO?
  • Have you looked at your competitors, to see which social platforms they are using and how?
  • How has your Social Media strategies and followers affected your brand?
  • How would you respond to online feedback, whether it is positive or negative?
  • Can you measure the customers who’ve found you through Social Media interactions?
  • Do you know how to create content that will engage your audience?
  • What photography do you use for Pinterest or Instagram?
  • What video do you use on your YouTube channel?
  • What plans do you have to grow your online communities?
  • What value do you offer your customers through your social media accounts?
  • How often do you update your customers via Social Media (and how often, on your website)?

Social Media is HARD WORK,
and cannot be taken for granted.

Just like your customers!


Where clients already ARE online!

Social Media Marketing helps create and foster Client Relationships

As in the real world, relationships take time and effort, they are reciprocal, and they are rarely “instant”. A client looking for someone to create “viral content”  usually has unrealistic expectations. Social media can grow linearly or exponentially, though in  early stages the two growth paths are not distinguishable.

Start with clear objectives, and start regularly posting good content. Content should include  text along with photos and videos. Don;t have every post be a “selling post”. Be informational (things like industry news) with links to articles in media or industry websites. Good, regular posts create a reason for non-customers to want to follow you. And for customers/clients/friends to want to “share” the content with their network. Some Social Media sites (Instagram, Pinterest) are about the images. Some (YouTube, TikTok) are more interested in Videos.  Some are more interested in information (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter). Always invest in quality!

Until you get post 100 friends or followers it is hard (if not impossible) to measure effectiveness of your Social Media strategy, but please be patient. Be sure to let your clients know about your social media presences in your other advertising, your letterhead, business cards and on-remises signage. You might even consider Social Media advertising to build your followers more quickly, but keep in mind the “friends” list belongs to the social media website, but a customer list belongs to YOU.


Broadening your customer base!

Social Media & Marketing Technology Experience

Facebook Pages
Facebook Pages
Bing Places for Business
Bing Places for Business
Twitter social media
Twitter social media
Xing social media
Xing social media
Google Plus
Google Plus
RSS Feeds
RSS Feeds

Almost all of our web projects include some Social Media components, and we’ve helped clients with already good websites develop and evolve their Social Media strategy for maximum impact. These are also effective tools for Reputation Management engagements.

Social Media Marketing

Don’t just follow the flock!

Factors in Social Media Marketing:

  • Social Media Profiles: Keep up with new trends
  • Premium visual and written Content Creation
  • Timely & regular blog posts & articles build trust.
  • Social Shares of relevant 3rd Party Content
  • Paid Social Media “boosts” visibility
  • Social Contests: create excitement
  • ongoing Usability Testing: keep it relevant
  • Comprehensive Reporting: tracking engagement, results



your website better link to LinkedIn and

your LinkedIn better link to your website

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is like Facebook for people with careers and businesses

LinkedIn is the social network “for people with careers”.  Originally it was just a resume posting website, but it has evolved into a magnet for corporate recruiters as well as others doing business in the “B2B” business-to-business space.

It is target rich for finding the contacts and decision makers who will be buying your products or services, across a broad range of target industries.

You need to create a personal LinkedIn profile, so people understand you are experienced, qualified, and connected.  Then you  can start building your personal connections, based on where you went to school where you work or have worked, and people you have met over the years (go through your business card files).

If you are new to LinkedIn, a profile using your business e-mail may garner immediate connection request with people who have YOU in their email connections (and there for LinkedIn “wish list”) to speed this process.

Then you need to create a business page, add corporate details, and like with Facebook’s Timeline, begin posting news announcements and relevant links.

Facebook Social Media Marketing

Facebook is great way to reach consumers where they typically spend their online time. 80% if Canadians use Facebook, and a good percentage of those visit every single day.

Businesses need to create a Facebook business page, to reach their clients (even if you are B2B). A business page provides all sorts of analytics about their audience demographics, and traffic measurement on posts, which helps build traffic. This reporting is not provided for personal pages.

With a business page, you should post key “milestones” in your business history to our Timeline. Especially if your story pre-dates Facebook itself (in 2004).

Once you have a Facebook page, you need to regularly post stories, photos, and links

Failure to post regularly will

  • discourage people not following
  • get people to stop caring
  • reduce your post visibility
  • reduce “sharing” of your posts by others to their friends 

Even B2B needs Facebook,

since a Company is

the sum-total of its People

Paid Social Media Advertising Services

Paid social media services you can enjoy these benefits:

  • Build brand recall and awareness among new customers
  • Increase brand recognition among the general public
  • Drive targeted traffic to your site and build email lists
  • Market specific goods and services, campaigns, sales, services, and events
  • More efficient use of marketing effort and budget

Sometimes, you just


to extend your audience

and to be more timely

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