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Online Marketing

A Full Suite of Services, Since 1999

A Full Range of Online Services

We’ve done web marketing for over 20 years, and ONLY WEB MARKETING over that time.
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Creating Excellent Long-Lived Content

The key to top-ranking content has always been well-researched and well-written and well researched content. Relevant to your clients and prospects, but also relevant to the Search Engines that direct them to you.

  • Research competition
  • analyze Google traffic for keywords
  • Incorporate optimal keywords into content, coding, and meta tags

Well-written content can get you traffic and customers without any monthly cost… A good website should create annuity income for YOU, not your ad media and consultants!


Options to consider for speed and impact of results

Reaching New Audiences in a Timely Manner

There are times when organic doesn’t meet your needs. Your website had new timely content , a special event (or something seasonal), or you are trying to reach out to a new audience. Then, you have options:

  • Google AdWords (target by keyword & audience
  • Facebook Ads (target by audience, actions, comments, affiliations)

Costs include the third-party ad costs plus time for campaign ramp-up and administration.

It is important, in order to control costs, and optimize results, to constantly test targetting, messaging, geography, and ad content. You also need to design your website traffic flow, from the ad to the  doorway page (or product page) to the shopping cart to the completion of payment.  It is very easy to overpay for “impressions” and even “clicks” if the audience is not actually buying what it is you are advertising. Trust your own analytics.

Lastly, compare your website analytics and traffic sources with the numbers the media you are advertising as “click-throughs” to ensure you are getting all the traffic you are paying for.



Maintaining your relationships

A cost-effective way of staying in touch

Email is a cost-effective tool for connecting with your existing client base (or “wannabes” who are subscribers).

  • Grow your existing customer base
  • Expand their frequency and amount of spend
  • Great tools like Mail Chimp or Constant Contact

Ensure your email design is consistent with your brand’s style and message, and that your emails are visual enough to attract attention, engage your audience, and lead to increased sales or business.


Broadening your customer base!

Many more options with today’s Social Media (over 400 sites, but maybe ten key ones)

You can stretch yourself too thin going after every audience and every opportunity. We can help you narrow in your scope and focus your attention on those Social Media sites and audiences most likely to  grow your business.

  • much stiffer competition
  • targetting your audience
  • combine photos and text (and sometimes hashtags)

Social Media helps you to nurture and build a relationship with your audience and customer base. If done right,  a good Social Media strategy can build your brand, your trust, and your credibility.

A Full Range of Online Marketing Services

If you are looking for experience, depth of experience, good advice, a creative solution, and on-time on-budget implementation, TransCanada FoundLocally Inc is your answer.

Our Showcase site:

We have been running and updating the website since 1999, integrated with a travel & tourism business directory. It is THE authoritative information source for anything to do with travel across Canada on our national highway! provides travel and tourism information for recreational and business travellers in all provinces and their major cities and towns, and links to their web sites.

Site provides Information about each province includes a description of highway, detailed highway itineraries, and the history of the highway, its route, and key infrastructure.

We also have latest highway road & weather conditions as well as the latest information on COVID Travel Restrictions.

Canada's TOP road trip planning website!

If you are looking for experience, depth of experience, good advice, a creative solution, and on-time on-budget implementation, TransCanada FoundLocally Inc is your answer.

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