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Free Website Review

It’s a General Health Check-up

Get a FREE Website Review

Give us a call (or complete the Contact Us form) and we’ll be happy to do a quick 15 minute website review and verbal assessment of your website. (We have some pretty good tools… that’s all it will take!)

We’ll look at the technology you are using, how fast the site loads, general design and link-building history, user-friendliness, how old or new your websites looks, its mobile friendliness, and what areas you have opportunities for enhancement.

In most cases, a tune-up is all that’s required, or that some link-building and web marketing / SEO effort is needed, and that content, images, and navigation needs to be improved. Only as a last resort do we suggest you replace/update your website.

Website Audit

What is a Website Audit?

FoundLocally has a reasonably-priced new Web Site Audit service, to help small businesses and their web designers maximize their online impact in an ever-more-competitive marketplace. A website audit can improve the success of web marketing campaign, and impact decisions to upgrade or replace a web site by providing experienced and independent advice from someone without an economic interest in the decision to change (or not to change).

The Website Audit is an independent appraisal of the competitive strengths & weaknesses of your website, and covers over 200 attributes. You might want to know if you are being over-sold on website design, or realize website features are insufficient for stated business goals. A website audit is an important tool to help you understand how well your website works for you, helps recognize deficiencies, and assess its competitiveness in your community and your industry.

With a website audit, we provide a written report, typically 20-30 pages long.

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