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Experts in LOCAL online Marketing, since 1999 
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About Us

Local Marketing since 1999

We’ve been doing LOCAL Web Marketing. Exclusively. Since 1999. Nineteen Years Experience. Here is our story.

TransCanada FoundLocally Inc has built and constantly updates a chain of 30 locally-focused community information websites coast-to-coast across Canada, with an integrated submit-your-business directory. We also have two targeted portals and for the travel and the real estate sectors, respectively. These three sites attract a web-savvy audience of 10 million visitors a year.

Building YOUR Traffic

With “Word of Mouse” & Word of Mouth Media Inc. was begun in 1999 to develop a Calgary community information portal, combined with a local business directory. It quickly expanded to seven cities in its first year, and the directory now reaches coast-to-coast. We help LOCAL businesses reach LOCAL consumers. And help local companies to compete against global competitors aided by global portals.

Mark Ruthenberg brought together the resources to start FoundLocally, with the vision of creating affordable internet marketing opportunities for small business and community organizations across Canada. We also provide first-rate family-friendly, school-friendly, and office-friendly Internet content and resources.

“What got me into this was Amazon signing a deal with Yahoo, to put look bookstores out of business,” said Mark Ruthenberg, and “why not develop a way for local businesses to fight back to reach local consumers?”

  • Local  Directories (help consumers find YOU)
  • Local SEO (help improve your website on Google)
  • Local Search (multiply ways to be featured & found)
  • Local Advertising (ways to move ahead of the queue)
  • Work with local Web Marketers & SEO Professionals

Our Business Model is unique.

The directories provide FREE LISTINGS for local businesses, and accept display ads form larger, national companies. For example, the local travel agents pay nothing, but the airlines’ buy national advertising, the local car dealers pay nothing, but national automotive companies advertise on our site. The unique business model has enabled FoundLocally to expand and grow each year without any additional capital or debt since its founding (see Alberta Venture, October 2007).

We have also realized that we are a SERVICE business. Not just the free stuff but helping businesses (and their creative agencies (ad, web, SEO, etc) best take  advantage of ALL of the available marketing and promotion opportunities on the internet. Much of our information is online for free, in our Industry Tips and in our Web Marketing Blog

And we test every hypothesis on our own site, with our OWN web marketing. With our traffic levels we can actually measure statistically significant changes (or lack of) which is really, really hard to do on a low-traffic small locally focused website.

Our Local Directories

Be FOUND by close-by consumer

In 30 communities across Canada, coast-to-coast. Be where Google, Bing, Siri and Alexa look for “local”. Post your events, coupons, flyers, news, jobs, too!

Free Listings in our Directories

FoundLocally’s FREE LISTINGS let you add your LOCAL business or community group to your community directory.  Firstly, this increases findability in our high-traffic site, but also in sister sites and Secondly it improves findability and ranking in search engines like Google and Bing, but having more links back to your site, increasing site credibility.

Don’t forget to also post your News, Events, Jobs, and Savings (Coupons or Sales) to promote all aspects of your business and operations, (using the respective tabs in your listing). These features add links to  your site and these link-backs increase your Google Page Rank. Check out our industry-specific Tip Sheets

More about Free Listings

Online Advertising in our Websites

You can reach beyond your core (local) FoundLocally directory, and reach customers even more than a directory listing might. National Brands require national advertising, and regional brand require regional reach. TransCanada FoundLocally can help advertisers with BOTH.

You can extend your reach with a combination of banner advertising and text ads on either the Fuel Digital Media (which reach 70% of Canadian online audiences) or the Google Adwords/DoubleClick networks to drive targeted traffic to your web sites.

Our site works well with video ads, with interactive ads, pop-ups, and expanding ads, to suit any campaign and its objectives.

More about Online Advertising

Local SEO

We advise your SEO/Marketing professional

Web Marketing Services

FoundLocally blogs on media issues, web marketing, SEO (Search engine optimization), and of course, how to optimize the free listings to help ny business through tough economic times.

For some its all about keyword marketing, because its easily monetized. And because costs rise quickly for third party ad costs, admin fees are easily justifiable. We have found that good design results in  strong and continued free “organic” search results. But it takes time and effort to do, and experience and expertise to do right.

Keyword marketing is optimal for events, or short lead-time product launches, and for narrowly-defined targetting. Despite the  costs.

Read the FoundLocally’s Web Marketing & SEO Blog and subscribe to our RSS Feed

More about Web Marketing

Independent Web Site Audits

FoundLocally has added a very reasonably-priced new Web Site Audit service, to help small businesses and their web designers maximize their online impact in an ever-more-competitive marketplace. A website audit can improve the success of web marketing campaign, and impact decisions to upgrade or replace a web site by providing experienced and independent advice from someone without an economic interest in the decision to change (or not to change).

The Website Audit is an independent appraisal of the competitive strengths & weaknesses of your website, and covers over 200 attributes. You might want to know if you are being over-sold on website design, or realize website features are insufficient for stated business goals. A website audit is an important tool to help you understand how well your website works for you, helps recognize deficiencies, and assess its competitiveness in your community and your industry

More about Website Audits

Local Search

Be found by neighbourhood and on maps

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