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Calgary’s MOST Web Experience

Local Marketing since 1999

Helping businesses on the Internet, since 1999

We offer full-service Web Marketing solutions, ranging from free (an over-the-phone website assessment), to inexpensive (website audit, online advertising), to our professional services.

We have designed websites for over 20 years, using an ever-evolving set of tools to provide cost-effective and efficient design, updating, and features. And we test tools on our own high-traffic websites before we recommend it to our clients.

We encourage Canadian travel-tourism and hospitality businesses to be profiled on the business directory. OVER 15,000 local businesses are on FoundLocally. Why Aren’t You?

You should look

Look like the business you WANT TO BE,
so clients see themselves in your growth path

How Can You Accomplish This?

You might find someone “cheaper” but you have limited time to find and establish your market, before competitors will try to leap-frog you.  Its important to strategically select tools and platforms that help you stay ahead while your company and website grow.

  • Professional, Experienced web designer
  • Incorporate good design principles, great photography*
  • Features comparable to larger competition
  • Well-written (SEO-friendly) content
  • Include full Social Media integration

Many new designers and their clients get caught up in “hot trends” that have a short shelf life, and even short competitive advantage (but at a high cost). With over TWENTY YEARS experience, we know how to select cost-effective (and good for the long-term) tools and can find and select more efficient ways to get the job done! And you reap the rewards…

*All images on this page are original photography done by our people

Design & Code for SEO

Take advantage of ORGANIC
search ranking features

Take advantage of everything FREE in big search tool features

Google, Bing, Apple, and Alexa are the top search tools, and are competitively enhancing their features and ranking algorithms. To attract the widest audience, you cannot ignore ANY of them. We have found a good and competitive website  should take advantage of free built-in features using design Best Practices, before even CONSIDERING paid  Cost-Per-Click (often mis-labelled as “SEO marketing” by the less competent)

  • Keyword research, and competitive intelligence
  • Well-written (SEO-friendly) content
  • META tagging of pages, images, content to enhance findability
  • Maximize inbound links to  improve ranking (this includes Social Media links)

We have 20+ years of experience building content to help (and take advantage of) search engines to reach more users FOR FREE. Let your competitors overpay for keyword or cost-per-click advertising…


our 15 minute over-the-phone
no-obligation assessment of your website

Over-the-phone assessment

CALL US for a free (and no obligation) over-the-phone assessment of your website:  Call us (403) 245-2194.

You may be surprised how much we can tell you in that time, and we hope you are impressed with our technical savviness, our use of tools, and our efficiency.

And after all that, you are free to go somewhere else, or take your time making up your mind. There is never any pressure.

A Full Range of Online Marketing Services

If you are looking for experience, depth of experience, good advice, a creative solution, and on-time on-budget implementation, TransCanada FoundLocally Inc is your answer.

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