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Mobile Websites

Reach Your Customers On The GO!

Avoid the 3 Biggest Mistakes With Mobile Websites:

1) Mobile gets lip service

2) Mobile functionality is crippled

3) Site content is not optimized for smartphone users

Mobile Website Design Can Help Grow Your Business

There are billions of mobile phones and phone users around the world,and hundreds of thousands right here in Calgary. To reach them, you need a Mobile Website Design, created by our Calgary Web Designers. We can help you plan, develop and build a full-functioned mobile & desktop website that can:

    Attract new customers and markets Increase business with existing clients Introduce new products or services more effectively Provide quick access to helpful information about your company Optimize mobile users’ ways to connect with you quickly: Maps, Phone, Email, Feedback, Business Hours, List (and details about) your Products and Services,  Links to Articles, RSS feeds, Facebook and Twitter,  Integrate Coupons with Special Offers, add  QR Code Marketing on your facilities, vehicles, uniforms, and print collateral Integrate with your Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest Traffic Stats

See samples of Mobile websites below or in our Portfolio

Trans Canada Highway - multiplatform
Half of Google searches are done on a smartphone!

3 Biggest Mistakes Companies Make With Mobile Websites:

1) Mobile gets lip service

Use only a “desktop” web site, but support it with Google Ads and QR Codes that send mobile users to your annoyingly inappropriately sized desktop site.

You need to have a mobile website as well, and have your server “auto-detect” the user’s device and send them to either the desktop site (for laptops and tablets) or the mobile site (for smartphones)

2) Mobile functionality is crippled

Many website designers do a token 5 or 6 page mobile website, which is not a full-featured site like your desktop website. Mobile users make decisions (and tend to be more affluent than clients that don’t use smartphones), and you should guide them through your sales & decision process too. They just want to do it while way from their desk (a ball game, a park, at launch with business associates, at the bar with friends)…

Give them ALL the information that’s on your desktop website

3) Site content is not optimized for smartphone users

It’s not just about the size of the screen, and large buttons for tapping. The website navigation changes, and needs to be on the bottom of the pages (so it doesn’t crowd out the content people are navigating to read). And content needs to be redesigned (for tall skinny screens, or tall tablets, not just for large and wide computer monitors). This means wide tables of information needs to be converted, and made accessible with either a tap-to-expand, or a short scroll. Also, long paragraphs need to be broken up to be readable on smaller screens.

Smartphone functionality for mobile websites need to be used to best advantage, including click-to-order, click-to-call, click-to-email, a helpful interactive map. Some of these features do not work on a desktop (they don’t usually come with GPS or a built-in phone, for example)


See Blog post: Responsive Design: WordPress or NOT?


Without mobile, your GOOGLE ranking drops precipitously!

How can a QR Code help with mobile marketing?

QR is short for “Quick response” and is a way to get mobile users to link to your mobile website, a specific product page, or a mobile-friendly response form without requiring them to remember or type a website URL.


QR Codes are those square graphics, typically black and white (example above), that can be scanned by a smartphone using its camera, which redirect users to a website or a message (example below). There is not need to QR code to be boring square, or to be just black & white. We’ve done a numb er of QR codes in all sorts of colours and designs for Calgary companies


Examples of effective QR Codes:

    A realtor can have a QR code for a specific home on their “For Sale” sign A store can use QR codes as shelf tags to send in-store shoppers to their website form more product info You can have QR codes on your door out, to encourage users to post reviews on sites like Yelp,, Google-Plus, and A billboard can have a link to your website,A magazine ad can have a link to the webpage about the product advertised.

We have worked with various companies to create smart innovative and unique QR codes that reflect their corporate personality:

More QR Codes, see FoundLocally’s Pinterest page

Calgary Networking- QRcode
Emergo Counseling QRcode
Greenery Office Interiors QRcode
Calgary Networking- QRcodeEmergo Counseling QRcodeGreenery Office Interiors QRcode

Mobile Website Design Portfolio

Some mobile websites in our portfolio:


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