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“Being first on Google” isn’t always best

Do your research

Go where competitors aren’t

Do what you can afford

And then, work to dominate

The internet is ever-so-now -important to businesses, large and small, because:

    Less television is being watched, and when PVRing the commercials are skipped Less radio, since people are listening to their MP3 players or commercial-free satellite radio Mailing has gotten a lot more expensive in the past year, whether flyers, brochures, or letters Newspapers are getting smaller as more people are getting breaking news from other sources

The internet is also achieving dominance with stronger e-commerce tools and platforms, it can be more cost-effective than traditional retail, and also importantly, instead of spending huge sums of money on “frequency and reach” you can spend less, since your customers are exactly ONE CLICK way!

Steps for better SEO

  1. Competitive intelligence: What are the competitors who outrank your site on Google (and Bing) doing better than you?
  2. Mobile friendliness. “Mobile geddon” was decreed by Google back in April 2015… are you STILL not mobile friendly or responsive?
  3. Site coding & structure. Speed, design, and optimization. The search engines use a NUMBER of ranking factors: how—on balance—are you doing?
  4. Content improvements for important & high traffic keywords/phrases
  5. META tag improvements. What are current best practices?
  6. How well liked is your site? How many sites link to your home page and/or content within your website? Google’s patented algorithm partly gases site ranking on the number of links to it. Find directories (especially local and industry directories) you can be in.
  7. How often does your site content change? If you have not posted new stories or pages to your site in YEARS, and if you have not edited or re-written content in that time… time for a major content re-write.
  8. Lastly, aside from all the “manipulation” you can do to jostle for higher search engine rankings, Google rewards best practices, just doing “what’s best for users”. It hates useless “doorway pages” but likes sites that efficiently navigate visitors and customers to a result. Is your layout, navigation, and site design efficient, and cleanly laid out?

Find your LOCAL Web Marketer or SEO Specialist!

FoundLocally’s directories cover 30 communities from St John’s, Newfoundland, around the Maritimes, Ontario, and the Prairies,  all the way to Victoria & Vancouver Island, in British Columbia. provides a great resource of local web marketers and SEO (SearchEngine Optimzation) specialists, who can help you promote your online presence.

We recommend finding an online marketer close to you, so that you can meet in person, at your location or theirs, to discuss approaches and progress over the same computer screen. They will also have greater familiarity with your business and your customers/audience.

Select a SEO / Web Marketer  from your community:

Disclaimer: We are not recommending or endorsing any of one these providers,and recommend that all businesses do their “due diligence” in evaluating their web suppliers.

Key Questions to Ask

Before deciding on a web marketer, ask:

  1. Are they qualified, trained, and experienced? Can you confirm online or by checking references?
  2. Can they provide the full range of what you need? Or are they a specialist in branding,  programming, organic content marketing, directory marketing & submission,  search engine optimization, keyword marketing, online advertising, media buying, and assigned specific parts of the process?
  3. Have they set out a clear schedule & goals? Is their proposed realistic? Does it consider seasonal variations relevant to your business
  4. Is their pricing clearly laid out, and within your budget range?
  5. Are YOU able to commit to provide materials & resources to them (or should that be delegated or  contracted-out). Do YOU have time for necessary review & approval of their  work, to ensure it reflects your business vision & message?

If you & your client are successful, then we are successful!

TransCanada FoundLocally’s goal is to work with every web marketer to ensure that their clients are taking MAXIMUM ADVANTAGE of the free web marketing resources on FoundLocally’s different websites and directories. See the Industry Tip Sheets we have created, as a result of discussions with other companies and web marketers .

When your clients have web marketing success, and are thankful to YOU, then we know we’ve done our part!

Let Us Help You!

We can help you devise a strategy and implement it as part of your entire online presence, and help you achieve gains against your competition in a fast, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

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