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We’ve Updated Trans-Canada

Yes, we’ve updated our travel information website, used by travellers in, around, and across Canada to plan their vacation, get updates on weather, traffic, and construction while on the road, as well as discover things to see and do, attractions,  and find accommodation of all types on their way across Canada.

As we explore various interfaces, and watch user interactions, on both our sites and client websites, we learn a lot of lessons.

  1. No matter how much information is on a web site, user access to information must be as simple as possible.
  2. If your business depends on ad revenue from click-throughs, give the ads as much space as possible, without making them clutter the page.
  3. (and last) Ensure your users, regardless of device, have consistent access to all elements of your website, but presented optimally for each type of device.

We think the new look has succeeded with that!

Multiple Screen Sizes
Multiple Screen Sizes


Using MegaMenus for better access

Instead of having hierarchical menus, or right side menus, a single click on desktop or table, a “Megamenu” gives all that on one screen (or rather apart of one). We’ve added a megamenu for the Itineraries segments across Canada, divided by province, and another megamenu for Travel Tips and for Cities

TransCanadaHighway Itinerary megamenu
TransCanadaHighway Itinerary megamenu

And here is the Travel Tips megamenu:

TransCanadaHighway Trip Tips megamenu
TransCanadaHighway Trip Tips megamenu

And unlike a lot of web sites, that can use WordPress to shortcut this  redesign process (we use WP for our marketing services website), we link into FoundLocally’s extensive SQL Server database, which forces us to scratch-code. We have capabilities  with a lot of different computer technologies. That, and can you imagine the Pages menu when you have  several thousand pages of content to manage?

While we were at it, we updated the font used in the logo, and simplified the colour palette used on the pages, to provide a more relaxing reader experience

Because we’re not ashamed of anything we do, or have done (and to provide a before & after comparison) here is the prior interface: website -desktop website -desktop
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