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Our advertising opportunities are represented by Fuel Digital Media, a Montreal-based interactive agency.

  Fuel Digital Media is a boutique media firm that manages high-impact, contextually-relevant advertising campaigns for web publishers—whose inventory we sell exclusively—and advertisers across North America, while also brokering and managing some of North America’s top-performing English and French email files and newsletter lists.

Fuel Digital Media tailors their comprehensive menu of custom media, direct marketing, promotional and sponsorship services to help clients—ranging from major ad agencies to leading marketers—maximize brand awareness within their ideal audience segment.

How? Fuel Digital Media employ a unique combination of cutting-edge technology and hands-on consulting to energize brands and propel digital properties to exciting new levels.

Fuel Digital Media offers advertisers customized, integrated advertising programs that leverage the power of our community of publishers to drive brand recognition and consumption.

By partnering with Fuel Digital Media, advertisers are immediately connected to an engaged audience of highly-targeted consumers. As well, we offer site-specific placement opportunities that enable advertisers to explore creative campaign opportunities that overcome the limitations of traditional advertising formats.

FoundLocally’s portal sites can handle a variety of popular ad sizes including leaderboards(728×90), big box (300×250), skycrapers(300×600), mobile small(320×100), mobile box (300×250), and interstitials (in almost any standard file format) for use on our Responsive Design websites.

About Fuel Digital Media and TransCanada FoundLocally Inc’s portal web sites

Fuel Digital Media Inc.

1001, rue Lenoir, Suite B-335
Montreal, Quebec, H4C 2Z6
Tel: 514-845-FUEL (3835)
Skype: john.sclapari

With sales offices in Toronto and Ottawa

Long-time Supporter of the NABS Ad Auction Media is proud to support the NABS Auction since 2003 with an annual donation of 1 million impressions (in four blocks of 250,000), total value estimated at $15,000.

NABS Auction 2005The National Advertising and Benevolent Society (NABS) is the only charitable organization in Canada that provides assistance to advertising, media and related industry professionals, who may need help due to illness, injury, unemployment or financial difficulties. Advertisers and ad agencies can bid on our (and other) donated media space to support this fine charity at

Advertiser options: Google Ads & DoubleClick

In addition, FoundLocally supports text ads, display ads, and mobile ads in all standard file formats & ad sizes. Our web page coding implements your Google ads automatically. In fact, for mobile/smartphone/responsive advertising, Google has a long track record for leading in the medium.

Contact Google’s AdWords and Google’s DoubleClick directly through their websites.

Be sure to include the FoundLocally websites explicity in your ad buy preferences.

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