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Happy New Year 2019

HAPPY NEW YEAR! A look back, and a look ahead

Let’s look back: BIG changes over 2018 on and what EVERY BUSINESS should be doing for SEO and web marketing success in 2019 Let’s LOOK BACK at 2018 did a major redesign for a more “responsive” design, which provides the same interface for desktop, tablet, and smartphone users. We moved all the menus to the top of the…

Vancouver Hotels Listing-with FIRST-IN-SEARCH


This will be an ad auction for EXCLUSIVE position, in seven sections per city: Community, Shopping, Business, Travel, Home, Entertainment, Auto (starting at $100 per month per city & section). Let us know about your business and your marketing GOALS. Travel providers (hotel chains, airlines)  can also choose, where to be featured on by province. Show up in all searches in that…

Advertiisng internet Search, on a macBook

Add or Update your chain organization quickly, and hassle-free

One-Size-Fits-All “citations” company Can a single One-Size-Fits-All “citations” company do handle all your links, directory listings, and citations? Are they Canadian-based, and have top-flight geographic knowledge, to separate listings in Windsor, Ontario from Windsor, Nova Scotia, and Victoria, BC from Victoria, PEI. Do they know why side of Toronto (the “GTA”) that Orangeville, Ajax, Cobourg, and Port Colboourne are? OR,…

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Tips for Web marketers on

We have completed a Pareto Review (80/20 rule) of issues we deal with from week to week. Here are some tips that help you — THE WEB MARKETING PROFESSIONAL — get the greatest visibility, with the least amount of effort, while minimizing rejected submissions on And speed the review & approval process for your clients’ listings. 1)     Each bricks & mortar…

Dart board, but off the mark

Does your web marketing or SEO company know “local”?

Using an offshore or even a non-local web marketer can have a significant and long-term negative impact on your web marketing, your search engine ranking, and your business success! When you ask your web designer or ad agency to help with your web marketing, do you know who is doing your submissions? Often they subcontract to another company to do the…

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Does your FoundLocally listing need a review?

The FoundLocally listing is important for your marketing. It (or, if you have more than one location, they), along with any other directory & search engine listings,  as well as your website, helps your Google Ranking. What hurts a Google Ranking Inconsistencies  mess with Google’s algorithm, because it does not connect all the directory listings to the same website. If…

IndustryTip Sheets

We have Updated Our Industry Tip Sheets

We have updated all of our Industry Tip Sheets for businesses and their webmarketers & SEO professionals. How to get the most BANG on FoundLocally, using our free directory listings. Over 30 tip sheets in all!!    

Sheraton 1-800 ad from 1970s

Toll-Free 1-800 Numbers in Listings

Because we work to promote local businesses, all businesses must have a local phone number using a local area code. We permit toll-free numbers (1-800, and also variants like 1-888, 1-877, 1-866…) as a SECONDARY number, but the inherent presumption in our directory is that if you are listed in FoundLocally, you are a local business. Why is what consumers…

SEO Focus: Real Estate

SEO Focus: Real Estate

There are  three businesses we’re focusing on in this post: Realtors Home & Condo builders The support professionals Just so everybody knows, your listings on are automatically included in our real estate & relocation  focused website. You get TWO CITATIONS for a single submission process! Realtors Every realtor can add themselves to the directory (and 2,500 have…

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