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Happy New Year 2019

HAPPY NEW YEAR! A look back, and a look ahead

Let’s look back: BIG changes over 2018 on and what EVERY BUSINESS should be doing for SEO and web marketing success in 2019 Let’s LOOK BACK at 2018 did a major redesign for a more “responsive” design, which provides the same interface for desktop, tablet, and smartphone users. We moved all the menus to the top of the…

SEO Focus: Real Estate

SEO Focus: Real Estate

There are  three businesses we’re focusing on in this post: Realtors Home & Condo builders The support professionals Just so everybody knows, your listings on are automatically included in our real estate & relocation  focused website. You get TWO CITATIONS for a single submission process! Realtors Every realtor can add themselves to the directory (and 2,500 have…

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