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We’ve updated our Marketing website

We’ve been working hard in the webspace since 1999 (and Mark Ruthenberg our founder, since  1995), and realize we can ALWAYS get better!

The new site tells a better story and About Us, and better showcases our 20 years of Internet experience and our Webmarketing & SEO services using megamenus, all with a very consistent look, branding, and message!

Starting out with our three portals, the local business directory site, the travel site,  and the real estate and relocation website, we have attracted and helped a wide variety of businesses with their online marketing, as well as mentoring their designers and ad agencies on doing their job better (there’s more than enough business to go around, so it’s just “smart business” to help everyone).

We always saw ourselves as “three websites plus some marketing services” using our own portals to test technologies and approaches before “foisting them” on clients. Over the years, we realized we have evolved into “providing online marketing services, including the three websites”, and as our basket of services has evolved, we have been underselling our capabilities, our services, and our experience.

At the same time, this marketing site started as a patchwork of three sites, which we unified when we moved them to a WordPress platform, but needed greater consistency of branding and messaging.  We think this new site has done all that!

the fact that our site uses much more of our own in-house shot photography

Here is our new About Us megamenu, telling our story and how to use our directories and take advantage of their free listings (Industry Tip Sheets):

About Us megamenu - site
About Us megamenu – site

And here is the Web Marketing & SEO megamenu, detailing our services, nicely grouped:

Web marketing megamenu - site
Web marketing megamenu – site


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