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New Years TIPS for web professionals!

Our New Year’s newsletter sent to regular businesses: Let’s look back at 2018 & What EVERY BUSINESS should do in 2019

While it may seem to some that we are competing with local web design, web marketing, and SEO firms, we are working to make EVERYONE in the industry more effective and efficient. We are sharing our lessons learned on our blog. See our and on our Facebook page at

And if business are looking for local web help, use the Local > Business > Media & Marketing menu in your local FoundLocally directory and use the Communications Search there to select the desired “Advertising”, “Media”, or “Web” category.

TIP: Review your listings, that you have all the right categories checked in  BUSINESS > Communications and BUSINESS> Computers for what you actually do (don’t pick a “Media” category unless you ARE a media broadcaster or publisher).

Directory and Paid Ads, to raise your visibility

We are also proud that we continue to provide a free directory. And we’re happy to keep the categories for free, the events postingsare free, the sales/coupons/flyers free, and the job postings for free.

We are grateful the ad revenues have continued to support and sustain us (we use Google AdWords & Doubleclick ad feeds). Businesses trying to grow beyond where their local listings are permitted (ie, beyond “local”) should consider these paid options.

If you are a chain organization and want to ensure your listings are to the highest standards and Best Practices, we provide a submission/maintenance service on a fee basis. We have noticed that property managers, REITs, hotel operators, and retail chains are ideal clients for this service. Optimally, each location is unique, with different service/product offerings, varying business hours, with its own landing page,  and a location photo. Therefore a standardized (cloned) approach does NOT help consumers in their decision / buying process. Please contact us for details on this service.

Advanced SEO and Web Marketing for web professionals

If you are interested in the First in Every Search service, please call or email us. We are beginning to roll it out, and it will move to a monthly online auction for Community, Cars, Shopping, Homes, Recreation, Travel, and Business sections of the site in each community. Pricing will start at $50/month ($100 in Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, which have higher local traffic).

For SEO providers our blog has tips for which directory is optimal for each business location. We are surprised when Canadian-based SEO firms offshore their work to companies with staff in Asia or Europe, who clearly have NO Canadian geography familiarity. They are submitting Toronto area businesses to our Vancouver directory, or confusing Oshawa with Ottawa or Oakville. For them, we provide a Which Directory? Tip Sheet at which makes a ‘best fit” recommendation based on only the first letter of the postal code and the telephone area code. We also have a template “Cheat Sheet” with all the categories (updated from time to time).

Also, take advantage of the great community information on our http://FoundLocally.com, and websites in your daily life.

Happy New Year to all!


PS. Also, check out the more recent story SEO, R.I.P. about directories, useful for link building (citations) that are no longer around

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