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Mark Ruthenberg presenting at CCTC Calgary Teachers Convention

Virtual Travel across Canada

This an introduction to using virtual travel, using a variety of online resources to teach Canadian geography, and build student familiarity with their own community and other communities and regions across Canada, and take a virtual trip, by air or take a road trip with the family by car, and plan the trip (including the route, duration, accommodation, and budgeting), the things to see and do along the way, and to appreciate enjoy the destination.

  • to enhance Social Studies
  • to enhance ESL/ English language learners

Evaluation & Feedback on Presentation

We thank you for attending and appreciate your feedback and suggestions

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PowerPoint slides from presentation

Presentation (short form)
Presentation (short form)

Lesson Plan Handouts from presentation

DOWNLOAD THE WORD VERSION OF THE LESSON PLAN; (the link in the thumbnail image no longerworks

Video Summary of presentation

Update: Our Lesson Plans will be updated for Fall 2023

Our company made the strategic decision to shut down the community information and directory website in 2019, just before COVID-19. We had decided to focus our resources and efforts on our very unique website to make it even better.

  1. The very first step was to migrate the existing “TCH” content over to the WordPress platform, and improve it from there. Part of this process was to review all of our visual assets, to provide web users a more graphic/photographic experience on the new website.
  2. Then we migrated the many pages of information for each FoundLocally copmmunity over to the website, though now strictly from the visitor’s perspective.
  3. Our third step was to migrate over the key parts of the business directory, that were businesses and organizations  that were focused on the travel and hospitality sector (which meant bye-bye to 80% of our directory in the B2B (accounts, lawyers, web designers, etc), homes & home improvement (realtors, builders, movers), medical (doctors, dentists), and much of our B2C retail sector.
  4. Then, halfway through COVID, we did a top-to bottom redesign of the site to bring it up to expected graphic standards of a WordPress website, incorporating larger graphic images in the headers, and elsewhere around the site. We also updated and improved the integration of Google Maps into local community pages and the itineraries and tours.  Recently (in 2023) we started the transition from JPEG to WEBP images to further speed up the website. as of this update, this is still ongoing.

We are now working to UPDATE THIS LESSON PLAN  and reference the content on the website (and remove any references and links to websites )

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