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What to enter in the two Business Name fields for optimal search resultsThe Belko Experiment film

The site offers two business name fields, the first is displayed, and the second is hidden but searchable. This allows a lot of opportunity for improving search results. The second field was designed to handle a number of typical situations:
 Business Names fields in PROFILE
An organization might be known by a full name or its acronym, but is promoting only one of the two as its current “brand”. Insert the lesser used name in Name2
  • A business may operate corporately, but the owner may wish to be found as well. Insert owner’s name in Name2.
  • A business may have recently changed hands and/or changed its name. Insert the old name in Name2, so those seeking that business will find you.
  • A business may be known by an American-spelled brand, but you want to be searchable by the Canadian spelling or by homonyms (like-sounding words). Insert the alternate names & spellings in Name2, separated by commas.
    NOT PERMITED USES of the Name2 field are predatory violations of another’s trademarks and copyrights. This has been upheld in a variety of lawsuits, which have risen to the Supreme Court (in both Canada & the US). You may not insert a competitor’s name in your Name2 field to show up in search results when the competitor’s name is a search word.
    The Description and Products/Brands fields are also searched, so if you want to refer to a competitor, do in those fields. Acceptable examples might be
    • “Cheaper/better/faster/longer-lasting than Brand X”
    • “One block away from Brand X” (this would also fit in the second Address field)

We are receiving a large number of listings by reators, who are getting BAD WEB MARKETING ADVICE, and entering their directory listings with web marketing or branding keywords, and not their personal or listing name. We are a directory for helping locals find business or professionals in their community and insist that the business name is accurately reflected in the listing name. Lastly, if you want to use the Realtor category your listing MUST include the Reatlor’s name (only professional & licensed reatlors may use that category).

To avoid confusion (not to mention to avoid misleading the public) office listings without a realtor named MUST list the office’s general phone number and the office’s website, not a realtor’s

If you have multiple domain names, they are NOT entitled to individual listings, but can be listed in thName2 field, which is not displayed but is included in the searchable fields (as are the About Us, theProducts/Brands, and the Envrionmental fields)

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