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Entering Addresses

What to enter to improve search reults, and help customers find your location

 FoundLocally always requires a proper street or mailing address for a business or organization. We need this to ensure localness (fibbers get some element of the address wrong), and also enables us to stay in touch with you…. Should be ever get around to sending something “snail mail”.
Address Fields  in PROFILE page
Home based businesses can choose to hide their addresses from the public. This is a feature popular with
  • woman-owned home businesses
  • those that visit clients in their homes
  • those that are open by appointment only
We provide two address fields, so that businesses can use them for any of the following:
  • Street address & mailing address
  • Street address & driving instructions (“3 miles north of Exit 125”)
  • Street address & relative address (“corner of Smith & Jones” or “across from the Brand X Mall”)
  • Mall name & Mall street address (and your unit/mailbox  number) if you are in a mall
  • Hotel name & hotel street address if a restaurant or shop in a hotel

Enterting Suite / Office / Unit nubmers into Addresses

When entering an address with a Suite/Office/Unit number, enter the street address first, add a comma, and then the suite number. FOr example:   1234 Main Street, Suite #501
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