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Website Audits

Third Party Opinion on ALL Elements of Your Website

Why a Website Audit is important

Is your website presenting YOU as good as it could? Are you SURE?

Our website audit services  (and competitive review) provide an independent assessment of what’s working RIGHT  on your website, and what features are ineffective or no longer measure up to Best Practices. We assess Content, Coding, and Competition, to provide guidance on cost-effect measures to improve your website’s search engine findability, and ability to meet your business objectives

  • Are people passing your website by?
  • We look at HUNDREDS of websites each day
  • Is yours up to today’s BEST PRACTICES?

What’s ahead for 2018:

  1. The economy is good (unless you are an oil company) and discretionary consumer spending is improving because of lower oil prices (not just the travel sector, but consumer goods and local restaurants are seeing an up-tick)
  2. The mobile marketplace is growing quickly. Is your website ready? If you are not fully “responsive”, your website is really nowhere!
  3. There are different content platforms, including WordPress (which many of your competitors are using)  is yours optimal for YOUR business needs? Are you optimizing Plugins, Apps, and other Third-party tools & apps?
  4. E-commerce is supplementing sales for many “bricks & mortar” stores. Not all products are suitable, but interesting niche markets can be well-served.
  5. Social Media is no longer “free” but still provides a solid opportunity for reaching specific markets & audiences.
  6. Traditional media is no longer reaching the audiences like they used to. Broadcast television, local radio, and newspapers have all being eroded/replaced by online media.
  7. A “Yellow” print directory ad is not longer enough. You no longer get calls from the the phone book. Now people do their “due diligence’ research online… it only takes a few minutes, now. Does your website say enough about you to put YOU on their must-call list?

(this list was updated January 2018)

Now is the time to review your existing marketing and your current website to ensure you are maximizing opportunities.

Website Audit helps define YOUR ACTION PLAN!

You know something’s off or could be “better” but you can’t quite put your finger on it.

You may be wondering about your existing website, or make sure that your next one meets your future business needs and your competition.

Questions businesses have may include:

  • Is the design outdated?
  • Can the website benefit from some “tweaking” and fine- tuning?
  • How do I stack up against the competition?
  • Does it have enough features?
  • Does it have too many features?
  • Is it easy to use?
  • Can I make simple changes to increase sales?
  • Can I increase visibility on search engines?
  • Does the website follow current Best Practices?
  • Is our current design optimal for search engines, and do we need to spend [more] on SEO efforts?

Why You Need a Website Audit

Start your Website Audit NOW!
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