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Setting up many Contacts for a Chain Organization

Special issues when setting up contacts for multiple listings, typically for a chain or franchise organization.

FoundLocally provides a choice of Excel templates to quickly set up contacts for each location’s manager, as well as setting up regional managers and an overall national contact (you?) who can post news, jobs, events, and savings items with a regional or national scope to all listings for your organization.

We have an Excel Template for quickly setting up multiple locations of a chain or franchise organization, using a single listing as a template. (and using its descriptive fields and categories for all the other listings).There is no cost to you for our help in cloning up all your listings.


Create ONE listing with yourself as a contact, and when you get the confirmation e-mail contact us to get the Excel Template e-mailed to you. We can use our internal cloning process to quickly set up the various listings, and the contacts, ensuring they are properly matched and that you are the “master contact” and can add, update, and if necessary delete any of the listings under your control. You can also add, update or delete individual contacts for your listings.

You can see of FoundLocally already has listings for locations in your chain or franchise organization at (which, incidentally, you can also use to check out your competitors) which has an Excel Export option. You can use this to determine which listings we need to remove (ie locations have since been closed down) or need to add.

You can also use this list to match one or more contacts with each listing (you might have a store manager and a regional manger assigned to each location, in addition to yourself). If you have any questions about this process, please call Mark Ruthenberg (General Manager) at 403-245-2194.

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