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Password Security Strengthened

There has been a lot of media attention on security breaches and personal information. While we don’t store or disclose personal information, we realize that weak security has a negative impact on everyone.

Therefore, we are proactively requiring better passwords for managing your business listings. Our Registered Contactpage now includes a Password Strength Indicator to coach you on better passwords. The Login pop-up and Login form have wider fields for stronger & longer passwords.

Password Strength Indicator

While 8-10 character passwords were acceptable a decade ago, we’ve made room for 12-40 characters, enabling userIDs to be your email address, combined with a hard-to-figure-out “pass phrase”. We recommend a mix of upper-lower case letters, numbers, punctuation characters, and at least 12 characters.

TIP: Create a pass phrase you can remember, but is not obvious, like Business started by John in 1976 (but don’t use this!).

For businesses with weak passwords (qwerty, password, or one of 10,000 baby names, for example), your passwords will be upgraded to something more secure.

If you forget your password (or if it doesn’t “work”) we`ll send you a secure Reset Password E-mail to reset it to one you can remember. If you’ve forgotten your user name, we’ll send a Username Email back to your email address


In 2016 we have replaced all passwords that are under 10 characters  with a longer random password, forcing those users who created logins with insecure passwords to upgrade their logins. When logging in, your’ll get message, and should click on “Forgot Password” button  to set a personalized password, so you can login.

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