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New Look for

We have just launched a new version of FoundLocally, designed to be both easier to use, and faster-loading. We thank you for the many suggestions made by our million visitors a month, which were incorporated into this update.


The new site design makes the site search more prominent, and moves all menus and actions in to the black, grey and white stripe at the top of the page, replacing the old “tabbed” interface for site navigation and for viewing & updating business listings. We also made the Add Free Listings option and the Login (to update listings) more accessible. We also improved Social Media integration, making it easier to “like” individual pages in over 300 Social Media sites, as well providing as easier access to our Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds, and Blog.

We’ve also added site-wide capabilities including the Popular Links (in each city),. ThisPage > Nearby (to jump to same feature, feature or search results in nearby FoundLocally communities) and the pop-down Table of Contents which had used the right site panel pretty well since the website’s inception. On the home page, the white stripe provides a number of pop-downs for the most popular pages around the website.

Search Box Moved (1)

We have tightened up the look and feel, by putting the Search Box at the top-left of every page. Searches for the five most relevant website content pages as well as any business listings that include the search word or phrase.

Navigation & Menu Stripes (2)

We have cleaned up the site, so instead of the tabs, all commands are in the black, gray, and white stripe at the top of the screen.

The black stripe includes a red Add Free Listing button (to register & add a listing) and a Loginbutton (to update an existing one, or post an event, job, news, or coupon).

The grey stripe includes the main content features, drawing attentions to Events, Jobs, Coupons, News and Reviews posted in our community. The options change slightly when viewing a business listing (you’ll see a Profile option instead of Home)

The white menu includes context-sensitive options, as well as:

  • Popular Links pull-down (formerly on city’s Home page, now on every page)
  • This Page > Nearby – to view the same content page or search results in nearby FoundLocally sites
  • Table of Contents – replaces the menu that was on the right side of the page on the old website

The new action/menu stripes have eliminated most of the site’s tabs & buttons. Once logged in, theWhat To Do? menu is added to the white stripe.

Please let us know if you have other suggestions to make the new site more efficient for you.

Social Media Integration (3)

Each page now has icons (in the gray stripe) that link to subscribe to the FoundLocally newsletter, Twitter Feed, Facebook Page, RSS feeds, or check our web marketing blog.

In the upper-right corner of the content box (in the middle of the screen), are smaller buttons to “like or recommend” a page to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN (or over 300 social media sites), or just print a page or email it to a friend.

Smartphone versions of all FoundLocally sites

Over the past year, we released a mobile version for each of our websites. Our smart phone versions display exactly the same content, but reformatted for a smaller screen

Now you can access this info on ANY smart phones. When Googling on your smart phone, content marked “Mobile Version:…” takes you directly to the smart phone-formatted page

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