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Find your LOCAL Website Designer!

FoundLocally’s directories cover 30 communities from St John’s, Newfoundland, around the Maritimes, Ontario, and the Prairies,  all the way to Victoria & Vancouver Island, in British Columbia. provides a great resource of local website designers & ad agencies who can help you create and manage your online presence.   We recommend finding a designer close to you, so that you can meet in person, at your location or theirs, and so they can assist with content creation, including writing, photography, video, and 360 VR content.

Select a Website Designer from your community:

Disclaimer: We are not recommending or endorsing any of one these providers,and recommend that all businesses do their “due diligence” in evaluating their web suppliers.

Key Questions to Ask

Before deciding on a website designer, ask:

  1. Are they qualified, trained, and experienced? Can you confirm online or by checking references?
  2. Can they provide the full range of what you need? Or are they a specialist in branding, graphics, photography, design, programming, databases, or SEO and assigned specific parts of the process?
  3. Is their pricing clearly laid out, and within your budget range?
  4. Have they set out a clear schedule for completion? Is their proposed schedule realistic?
  5. Are YOU able to commit to provide materials & resources to them (or should that be delegated or  contracted-out). Do YOU have time for necessary review & approval of their  work, to ensure it reflects your business vision & message?
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