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How to delete your Listing on

Businesses come, and businesses go… that is the nature of commerce.

First thing we want to say is the FoundLocally directory is FREE LISTING… There is no monthly bill (as is the case, with the phone directory) that when unpaid, automatically flags your business listing for deletion.

On the other hand, YOU must add your listing, which is not automatic when you get a phone line (though unlike the phone company, we don’t care if your phone is a business phone, a home phone, or a cell phone)… our ONLY concern is that it is a LOCAL phone (which avoids a lot of the foreign, and in particular Nigeria-based, internet scams)

This means that depends on YOU to add your listing, and provide good descriptive & category information, and we also depend on businesses, as well as their customers, and their competitors, to tell us when a business is closed-down.

We  realize when a business closes down, they are pre-occupied with orderly closure, maximizing assets values to pay off staff and creditors to the maximum extent possible. And, in rare cases, the business owners/managers may actually be running out of town as fast as they can. Removing various internet directory listings is not always high on their list of priorities. We try to make it easy for the Registered Contact to delete their business!

Help from others is always appreciated. We make it easy for the public to bring this out-of-business issue to our attention.

Here are some sample issues:

  • Your business leases space used by another/previous FoundLocally listing.
  • Your new phone number is one re-assigned  from a business (it’s worst if it was a taxi company, because calls come all hours of the day or night!)
  • You may see a competitor’s listing on FoundLocally, though they are out of business (have you added your business to FoundLocally, too?).
  • You notice a business has multiple listings in the directory, and one or more should be deleted to avoid clutter and confusion.

There are two ways to remove a listing:

If you are NOT the Registered Contact for a listing:

  1. Click on the link in the Search Results, to view the listing, and then
  2. Click on Mark as Out of Business (in the white stripe) and
  3. Complete the form with your info and why the business should be deleted

mark a listing as Out-of-Business
This notification waits for human confirmation & deletion. We actually phone each business, just in case its not really out of business, and our experience is that about one-third off out-of-business (“OOB”) notifications are not correct.

OR if you ARE the Registered Contact for a listing:

    1.  Slick on Login and enter your username & password, and THEN

Login to update a listing as Out-of-Business

  1. Click on the Link in the email you have received (or use the white Search box below the FoundLocally logo, and click on the business name in the Search Results)
  2. Click on Delete (in the white stripe) and
  3. Confirm if you want the business AND the contacts deleted
    Delete and confirm deletion of listing

If you have multiple listings, don’t delete your contact & login , or you’ll need to go to those listings and then click Claim Listing and setup a new registered Contact & login

A deletion by a Registered Contact is processed immediately. After all, you are the Registered Contact for that business.

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