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Add or Update your chain organization quickly, and hassle-free

One-Size-Fits-All “citations” company

Can a single One-Size-Fits-All “citations” company do handle all your links, directory listings, and citations?

Are they Canadian-based, and have top-flight geographic knowledge, to separate listings in Windsor, Ontario from Windsor, Nova Scotia, and Victoria, BC from Victoria, PEI. Do they know why side of Toronto (the “GTA”) that Orangeville, Ajax, Cobourg, and Port Colboourne are? OR, are you un-knowingly sub-contacting to a bunch of off-shore IMPOSTERS?

Do they know the shortcuts for every directory, to quickly and efficiently set up listings (our directory has “templates” to pre-select categories for 80% if new listings, as well as “cloning” to copy one listing based on settings and details of another one). Or, do they blithely select categories to match a government-assigned SIC code or  match just the “Yellow Pages” categories (that businesses pay for one-by-one, whereas our categories are all free, as long as they’re appropriate). Have they checked recent additions? (in the past year we added templates for Vape shops, medical marijuana dispensaries, and Sporting Goods retailers because of sudden demand) .

Do they know how users  of a site navigate and search  the directory most often. What keywords, or categories are most-used? Where can they be snuck in, despite field size limits? What things can you do to make sure your listing not only gets more traffic there (and on and as appropriate) bit also has the maximum impact on your Google (and other search engines) ranking?

“Citations” companies can get a  standard of “meh” but not excellence.  If, THAT’S what you’re happy with…

FIRST STEP: Check Where You Already Are

Use our “StoreSearch” tool to search by brand or by address. Once you have a list, click on the “Excel” icon to export the list and company against your corporate list.

There are three things to watch for:

  1. Out-of-business (or loss of franchise rights) locations. Send us a list of the CorpID numbers, we’ll removed them for you
  2. New listings… go ahead and add them in (see Canadian SEO for non-Canadian SEO Firms for tips where to add…
  3. DUPLICATE DUPLICATE listings (yes, we did that for emphasis!) you look bad and so do we (it’s most often because your SEO /  citations folks skipped STEP 1: check for existing listing!) Again, send us a list of CorpID numbers..keep ONE per duplicate set, send us the other(s)

STEP TWO: Add and enhance your listings

Some tips for those citations companies:

Vancouver Hotels Listing
Vancouver Hotels Listing

How can you Improve & Speed-up the Process?

For organizations who want their listings created OPTIMALLY, we can do that FOR YOU!

  1. For those who’s locations are IDENTICAL (clones) … like restaurant or retail chains $1 per location
  2. For those who’s locations are UNIQUE (different descriptions & photos) … like apartment buildings or hotels/motels $2 per location

Our Local Search experts & web marketing staff are Canadian-based and locally-knowledgable (NOTHING is off-shored with us), and ensure the listings are in the optimal directory & location AND with all appropriate categories, based on  your instructions and/or the individual web pages of the property. We know how our users search and how they make their short-listing decisions.

For the UNIQUE listing, we  will: tailor the description, review and select categories, and will also grab & upload a specific image for that property from that property’s web page in your website

Less for you to do. Less  hassle. Done right. Done optimally.

Considering in other directories (like Travelocity, Expedia, TripAdvisor, you are typically paying a 15% commission on each and every booking, and in our directory there is NONE [see our YouTube video]. This is a teeny-tiny up-front investment to ensure you are getting the most leverage out of your listing on our site, and in turn, out of your investment in YOUR WEBSITE.


If you have questions, please call Mark Ruthenberg, company president, at (403 )245-2194 and talk with him directly.

Send us the Excel spreadsheet with your location data, and we’ll confirm timing and execution, and send you an invoice

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