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Travel Info Across This Great Country!

Trip planning tools

  • What to see & do
  • Weather, road reports
  • Gas prices, Speed traps
  • Accommodation & attractions
  • Local maps


Lots of info about what travellers can see and experience between the cities  (over 90% of the highway’s length), including the geography & geology, the flora & forests, the fauna & wildlife, and the agricultural crops  and animals. also provides key travel-related links, including weather, road conditions, gas prices, speed traps,  travel info, etc. We even have an  “Ultimate Canadian Bucket List” with over 250 must see attractions and activities.

Detours and Tours for what to see that’s off  the route of the national highway (but not too far).  and Detour to/from Toronto, which is not actually on the Trans-Canada Highway provides travel and tourism information for recreational and business travellers in all provinces and their major cities and towns, and links to their web sites.

Site provides Information about each province includes a description of highway, detailed highway itineraries, and the history of the highway, its route, and key infrastructure. Preview

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