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Get the highest online visibility for Flea Markets and Farmers Markets using the free listings.

Flea Markets and Farmers Markets are unique in that they are aggregators of a number of local growers, craftsmen, artisans and businesses into a popular an high-traffic venue, and often open only for limited days or hours each week.

Many of these independent businesses do not have their own website, their own branding and marketing, and do not need them because of the success and traffic of the market they participate in. FoundLocally helps such markets promote themselves and their tenant businesses to both locals and visitors.

Flea Markets and Farmers Markets serve a key role in the community, improving the environment, by providing a venue for either recycled items (for Flea Markets) and for locally-grown produce and products (for Farmers Markets). Income jurisdiction, these often share a location, while in others they are prohibited from doing so (for health & food safety reasons). Editorial Listings

We provide editorial information about farmers markets and flea markets on Use the Feedback button on the respective page to add or update our information about your (or any) market.

Why settle for just being listed in our editorial list of flea markets or farmer’s markets? DOUBLE your reach and findability by adding (and controlling) your free listing in our community directory. Then,  use the NEWS & EVENTS postings to attract more customers even more ways around our website!

FoundLocally’s Editorial Information

Listings of Flea Markets:

Listings of Farmer’s Markets:

Make the Most of your CATEGORIES

FoundLocally recognizes your unique position as aggregators of many small sellers (who are typically unbranded, and often without a mailing or street address and without a business phone, very unlike stores and services in a Shopping Mall).

FoundLocally permits Flea Markets and Farmers Markets to select CATEGORIES for products typically sold by the vendors in their facilities. When registering, Farmers Markets may use the “RETAIL – Farmers Market”
Template at the bottom  of the PROFILE page.

The categories that apply to such markets are typically found in the Consumer Goods & Services as well as Homes & Gardens categories. You should also Choose “Retail Space” in the Business-Space categories, and “Lease-Rent” in the Business-Attributes categories.

Post Your EVENTS

Most businesses post their hours of business in their PROFILE page, and Flea Markets and Farmers Markets may do so as well, or may use this field for just the “Office Hours”.

Farmers Markets & Flea Markets typically only operate on some days of the week. These may post their schedule to the EVENTS tab (FoundLocally does not generally permit “we’re open” hours of business postings to EVENTS) using the “Some Days of the Week” option.

You can post six months of events at one time using this single screen. Just select the start & end date and the days of the week, and each week has an event posting created for it. If you have special occasions over the summer season (for Farmers Markets) you can edit individual week’s entries and modify the description of start/end dates.

TIP #1: Individual booths/stalls/merchants are welcome to also add a FoundLocally listing, and note the address as your market (they should use the Market’s name in one Address line, and your street address in the other Address line). They should not, however, post their participation in your market to their own listings, as this would confuse the public.

Add your LOCAL Free Listing to

Don’t forget to also post any News, Events, Jobs, and Savings to promote all aspects of your business and operations, (using the respective tabs in your listing).

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