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Get the highest online visibility for your property and facilities using free listings.

Hotel Lobby

Hotels, Motels, Beds and Breakfasts, Wilderness Lodges, Vacation Rentals, and long-term accommodation can all use FoundLocally  promote their properties, as well as their other facilities like restaurants, stores, banquet facilities and other services. Properties can easily spend thousands of dollars a month in various print directories and magazines, though consumers are rapidly moving to using online resources to find, eveluate and select their travel and dining options.

FoundLocally can help chain or franchise operators to ensure all their locations are in our site’s directory and setup location managers to update their location’s listings.


Banff-Prtarmigan Inn
Banff-Prtarmigan Inn

Tips For Hotel Chains and Franchises

  1. Chain and franchise organizations can quickly see which of their locations are already on FoundLocally at We can help add and update any changes required working form an Excel spreadsheet. Each location can link to its website/web page with its reservation page.
  2. FoundLocally has an Excel Template format that can quickly set up new or missing locations, as well as the Registered Contact information for location managers to update the descriptions, categories, and details of food & beverage operations on their property.
    FoundLocally has handy “cloning” tools for quickly creating standardized Job descriptions or Job postings to be copied to all location’s JOBS tab so they can be turned on & off at will.
  3. Chain-wide promotions and savings can likewise be “cloned” to all locations participating in the program.
  4. See specific tips for multi-location chain or franchise organizations
  5. Don’t forget to add each of your restaurants and lounges

Making the Most of Your PROFILE

List your property in the community in which you are located. There are no “out of town properties” categories on FoundLocally, since our visitors know to to go to the Accommodations listings in the FoundLocally community they are planning to visit.

  1. Use the second Address field to mention cross-streets, or give driving directions
  2. You can add a corporate listing to promote their company and quality brand
    Use the Profile to describe your property and its unique features. Keep in mind the CATEGORIES cover many items you’d have to describe in other directories, so you may want to put a really simple Description first, and after you have selected all the Categories return to complete the Description on the PROFILE page.
  3. Use the Products/Brands to mention your restaurants, banquet facilities, and stores & services on your property. You can also mention nearby restaurant, malls and attractions in this field.
  4. Create additional listings for each of your food & beverage facilities, especially if they have their own name, so you can use another 250 characters of description for each, and select categories appropriate to each facility. (also see comment in CATEGORIES, below)


  1. Select all appropriate Categories in the ACCOMODATION section, regardless of the type of property you manage. We have grouped the Categories functionally, to assist travellers in finding their ideal travel options. If there is a feature not mentioned, please enter it in the appropriate OTHER text box.
  2. Food & Beverage operations should choose DINING categories, and retail stores and services should choose CONSUMER SHOPPING categories. stores and dining facilities independently owned and/or managed should manage their own listing(s)
  3. Also consider Categories for any of the following in your property
    • Spas & salons: Consumer Shopping -Grooming & Beauty,
    • Souvenier or Convenience Shop: Consumer Shopping – Goods & Sercies, Food & Grocery,Gallery & Gifts: Homes & Gardens – Furnish & Decorate, Consumer Shopping – Goods & Sercives,
    • Banquet & Meeting Halls – Business-Space (Auditorium & Hall Rental), Dining Food & Beverage – Cuisines
    • Sports Facilities (open to public as well as guests) – Consumer Shopping -Sports

Multiple CONTACTS may Update Listing(s)

  1. Set up multiple contacts per listing so different functional roles can login and update their appropriate listings.
  2. Each location can have one or more managers assigned as Registered Contacts for each listing (on for marketing, one for HR, one for food and beverage operations, and a GM) so each can focus on the areas related to their role in the organization.
  3. Use the POWER USER tab to copy existing Contacts over to your various listings, or to set up regional managers for multiple properties.

Post NEWS and Announcements

  1. Post any announcements that get sent out to the other community media. Post announcements about management changes, menu changes, and facility upgrades
  2. Dramatically improve your findability by using powerful keywords in the news story with your web site and your name.
  3. Announcements stay posted until you take them down. On FoundLocally, news has a long shelf life. FoundLocally news is not thrown out or recycled the next day, like with a newspaper!

Post EVENTS to build Traffic

  1. Use the EVENTS  to post any special events, like conventions booked into your convention/banquet facilities. Don’t  post events for private/closed bookings, not open to the public.

Invite Ratings & Reviews to build Customer Confidence

  1. Invite your guests to post their RATINGS & Reviews, to help others learn why your property and your food & beverage facilities are worth a repeat visit. To avoid review fraud and abuse, we require a Facebook login for each review
  2. We do not permit you (or your staff or family members) to enter your own reviews, but we provide a simple form to e-mail an invitation to your guests, so they can post reviews.

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