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Get the highest online visibility for Golf Courses using the free listings.

Golf courses offer a wide range of goods and serbivces intheir communities. They are a facility for playing golf (sometimes public, sometimes not, or semi-private with a mix), they have golf professionals offering lessons, have pro shops selling a variety of golf equipment, clothing and consumables, providing knowledgable advice hard to find at some other sport goods retailers. Most courses also have food and beverage operations, catering services for weddings, gatherings & business meetings, Some courses have other fitness facilities and services like massages, mini-golf, swimming, racquet sports that broaden their appeal to members and the public. Most courses host a variety of tournaments and fundraisers, attracting traffic and participants not usually playing at your course. All of these elements can be marketed to members of your community using FoundLocally!

A golf course’s information on FoundLocally comes in two “flavours” the editorial which we control (for which we happily accept suggestions and corrections), and the business database, which the golf course can use to control its message and drive traffic to your website.

Making the most of FoundLocally’s Golf Editorial

The editorial information is readily found using our Site Search or in the Sports section of our site, and includes some specialized information about your course. Here we discuss things like length of course(s) in yards, the par, slope, rating, green fees & cart rentals, tee time booking policies, name of golf professional(s), and more detailed course description including your signature hole and other facilities.

If you want add to our update our information, use the Feedback button on the top of the respective page:

Golf Courses by FoundLocally community:

Of course any smart golf course manager will want to raise their profile and control their branding and messaging, but adding a listing in the FoundLocally community directory. After all, its free.

And with the free listing, a golf course manager can post jobs, news, events, and savings (discounts, sales, coupons, as appropriate). Think of the hundreds, if not thousands of dollars you spend elsewhere to do this, that could be saved.

Canmore Golf Club Practice Tees
Canmore Golf Club Practice Tees

Making the most of your PROFILE

  • Use the two Name fields to include alternate names, nicknames, past names, and alternative spellings or acronyms for your golf course. The Name2 field is not displayed, but is searchable.
  • Use the two Address fields to include your street/mailing address in one field, and the driving directions in the other. Use the Areas pop-down list to select the one or two closest options representing your locale.
  • Use the Description to describe your course, which you can continue past 250 characters into the Products/Brands field. Showcase your “green” actions in the Environmental field, so your members and guests know what you are doing to improve the planet.
  • Many courses create separate listings for each restaurant, lounge and bar in their faiclity, so they can maximize the tight Description fields limits for each  venue in their course

Make the most of your CATEGORIES

  • At the bottom of the PROFILE page use the pop-down list  of “templates” which pre-select typical categories. Select the FITNESS> Golf Course template before completing the page. For many golf courses, this quickly picks the appropriate Sports,  Shopping, and BUSINESS sections (for your course, your pro shop,  your lessons,and your event bookings).
  • On the CATEGORIES page, you should review each of the pre-selected options and sections to see if they properly apply (de-select those that don’t), or if additional options should also be selected.
  • For your food & beverage operations, select appropriate categories from the DINING, FOOD /BEVERAGE categories.

Post your EVENTS

  • Events in your listing’s EVENTS are automatically included in FoundLocally’s interactive Events Calendar.
  • When hosting golf tournaments, you can post these to your EVENTS tab. Be sure to note if they are member, charity (where individuals must pre-regster to participate), or public (ie PGA events) to avoid confusion.
  • You can CLONE and event to quickly create a number of similar events, with minimal typing or modifications. This can speed posting of recurring events like  lessons, workshops, tournaments, open houses, etc


  • You can post job openings as part of your listing. Go to the JOBS tab and click on “Add New” and items are automatically posted to the FoundLocally Jobs Board where job hunters typically look for opportunities.  You can post management, golf course operations, as well as food and beverage positions on our site. All postings are free with your business listing.
  • When a position is filled,  login and de-activate the posting.
  • When another vacancy arises, go back and re-activate the posting later when another vacancy appears., whether in a month or in a few years. No having to remember what description worked the last time.
  • De-activated JOBS postings  are not deleted unless you choose to. But if it saves you typing, looking up a job desvription from a file, remembering what you said the last time, and didn’t have to pay the local newspaper for another Help Wanted or Careers ad posting, why not use this functionality?

Post NEWS and Annoucements

  • Your NEWS postings are live as soon as you submit the form. No waiting for reporters to decide to write a story, overlook your story completely, or worse botch up your message. And you can link the story right back to the appropriate page on your web site
  • Golf courses can post a number of types of items to their NEWS tab. Typical stories are start (or end ) of season, new senior staff joining the course, improvements to the facility (either announced or now completed and open for course users), and tournament results (winners, funds raised for which cause, etc…)
  • The nice thing is that YOU control the message
  • News stories stay on your FoundLocally listing as long as you want them there. The default expiry is in about a hundred years… which gives golfers an chance to view it when its relevant to their golfing decisions. That’s a lot longer shelf life than the 6 o’clock news or the daily newspaper, where a story is quickly forgotten or thrown in the trash.

Add your LOCAL Free Listing to

Don’t forget to also post any News, Events, Jobs, and Savings to promote all aspects of your business and operations, (using the respective tabs in your listing).

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