Many websites say very little.
(They say its good “design”)

OR, they have little to talk about…

NO history

NO track record

NO products

Not in OUR CASE!

WE are ALL about LOCAL!

Local  Directories

Local SEO

Local Search

Local Advertising

TransCanada FoundLocally Inc, now 18 years old, operates 30 locally-focussed community portals under the name, that now stretch across Canada.
We’ve also created targetted portals for the travel across Canada, and for the real estate sectors (moving in, across, or to Canada).   We’re not part of a traditional media conglomerate, so we’ve created unique, effective, and low-cost ways to build our business and succeed against ever-changing competition. We are your  BEST CHOICE for online marketing solutions for Canada!

We’ve been doing the “internet thing” since 1999, so ALL OF THIS CENTURY!
  • Local  Directories... help consumers find YOU
  • Local SEO… improve your website ranking on Google
  • Local Search… multiply ways to be featured & found
  • Local Advertising… ways to be found FIRST!

We offer a full-service Web Marketing solution, ranging from free (our popular self-service business directory) to inexpensive (website audit, online advertising), to our professional services. We encourage businesses to support suppliers & web professionals in their community, which are profiled in our extensive business directory.

Over 150,000 local businesses are on FoundLocally. Are You?

FoundLocally has been setting the STANDARDS for Local Marketing since 1999!

Is your SEO provider actually offshore?

NO local knowledge

NO local directories (only global ones)

DOESN’T KNOW local competition

12 to 24 hour turnaround

adds up to LOUSY VALUE. INSIST on local!