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What is Web Marketing?

Overview of web marketing tools & techniques.

Consider a mix on online meothods including having a website, organic directory and search engine listings, paid submission directories, cost-per-click SEO advertising, as well as display/banner advertising.
 Web marketing is the process for optimizing how consumers & business users will find your business and/or its website when searching using their preferred internet tools. This is important for businesses, as traditional media weaken in their influence on how and what consumers buy.
Television, radio, newspapers, and print phone directories are rapidly losing dominance in the wake of rapidly changing consumer preference for online information (accessible any time, anywhere, and often for free), while their economic sustainability is threatened by significantly cheaper internet media.
Web marketing has 4 main components:
  1. Having a website, blog, or a Facebook or LinkedIn page, where you control the message and information about your business or organization, if not facilitate getting potential or existing clients to call, click or come in.
  2. Raising the visibility of your online presence using online search engines and directories , though “organic positioning” based on the quality of your online content and submission efforts (some sites and directories may also change a listing fee, but many are free). Increasingly, social media sites (like Facebook,. MySpace, and Twitter) are included in these efforts
  3. Cost-per-click SEO efforts. Search sites like Google, Yahoo and MSN have paid listings, which enable you to buy your way to the front of the listings, based on a variety of criteria. These paid links are typically text only, but are both cost effective and provide both accountability and measurability
  4. Display or “banner” advertising. This is the most expensive method of reaching an online audience, but is highly graphic and interactive and allows the use of “rich media” to enhance the ad message. These ads come in a variety of industry standard sizes, and are priced on a cost per impression (“CPM”) or cost per click (“CPC”) basis.
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