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Viewing Jobseekers’ Resumes

Check out resumes posted by local job hunters… see who is already looking to save time and effort.

Business people or HR managers can quickly scan exisitng online resume postings, to save time in filling positions. But they can ONLY review resumes if they have a free listing in our community directory.
You can also look at all locally-posted resumes, to see if a currently-looking job hunter already fills your requirements. Click on the RESUMES tab of your listing and search through the resumes using the same Job Category and Subcategories you used to post the job opening. This is free to all businesses and organizations (and for privacy reasons is not available to individuals). You can view the resumes online, print out the ones worth a follow-up, and contact the individual directly.
TIP: If you are an HR manager with a chain or franchise organization, you can help build the business, as well as filling the staffing opeining, but ensuring all locatins are posted on FoundLocally’s business directory. See Chain & Franchise Topics.
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