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Using Software to speed the web marketing process

Popular software tools can automate web marketing.

If you are choosing the do-it-yourself route, whether to save money, to gain experience, or to internalize a skill set that you feel is mission-critical and core to your venture, here are some time-tested and worthwhile software tools, that are often the ones that professionals also use.
There are several good software packages that can speed up this process, though they are really good at submitting to search engines and some national-scope directories, but are generally weak in finding and submitting to local and or provincial directories. The top software tools for this are
And there are many others (see,, and sites for other software listings), but these are the ones the professional web marketers use.
Many of these packages let you download a free trial version. Some are fully functional, but for only the first 30 days, while others are limited and only submit to a few engines for free before you need to upgrade to the full/paid version. In any case, you can evaluate their look & feel and likely functionality before spending any money.
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