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Using Google’s Desktop tools to help with reputation management on Twitter

Tired of having to log into all those Social Networking sites just to see what people are saying about your company? Keeping an eye on the online world is getting to be a lot of work, not to mention a drag on computer screen real estate.

I’ve actually considered getting a THIRD monitor just to keep an eye on social networking sites. I’ve found a way to use the Google Desktop to “lurk” on Twitter and see what people are saying about you.

ou can add any RSS feeds there to make it track all your favorite blogs and social bookmarking networks.

Let’s say you want to track your (brand) name mentions on Twitter. So you:

  • Go to Twitter search,
  • Search for your (brand) name,
  • Grab the RSS link of the search results;
  • Go to your Google Desktop web clips gadget; (its in the Google Created group)
  • Click on “Options”;
  • Add the Twitter search results RSS to the Current Web Clips box

If you haven’t installed Google Destop on your computer, it has a number of cool tools, like multi-city weather, analog clock, moon phases, etc.You can install it to stay on top or pop-up when needed.

Incidentally,  I’ve used Yahoo’s Widgets for years and after recently helping another user install them,  and experiencing majorly intrusive default setting (it replaces your browser’s default search and even your default home page to Yahoo without warning–and the only way to change the settings is un-installl Yahoo) I’ve switched to Google Desktop (and it requires less RAM)

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