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Turning Job Postings On and Off

How to activate and de-activate job postings… re-using postings without having to re-type everything or having to pay for another placement (like you would with newspapers and other job sites).

Re-use and Re-cycle more that your garbage. FoundLocally lets you re-use and re-activate prior JOBS postings, so you have less typing to do, you benefit from lessons learned from the prior posting, AND you don’t pay for the posting. Not the first time, and not the second time either!
New Job postings are by default “active”, which means they are displayed to the public. When you fill a position, do not delete the listing, but uncheck the “Active” box, which hides the job posting from public view but keeps it in our database.
This way then next time you want to hire for this position, you do not need to re-enter all the details. Just go to your JOBS tab, select the Job title you need to hire for (it will say “Inactive” in the Registered Contact version of the listing) and re-activate it. Be sure to update the job posting’s expiry date, and review the pay range to see if it needs updating.
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