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Tips for HR professionals and recruiters

How the FoundLocally site has helpful features for Human Resources professionals and recruiters

Not only can HR professionals promote their business and gain new clients with a FoundLocally listing, but they can efficiently expand their range of services using the HR tools included in their free business listing. Review posted resume, post jobs and reach a solid number of job seekers, and integrate the postings with your preferred submission methods (in person, mail, fax, email, or online form). In-house HR staff can save thousands of dollars a year in job postings over other Job or Career websites. Those in outplacement /career transition counselling can use FoundLocally’s database and editorial resources to assist their private clients in the job hunting process.
Human Resource professionals, working for clients to screen and fill job openings can post opportunities at clients through their own listings, This is particularly helpful when clients want “blind” postings that do not disclose who is looking. In this case, please disclose that your posting is for a client

NEW FEATURE: Posting Jobs to other FoundLocally communities

After we launched our Toronto area websites, we had feedback from organizations who wanted the flexibility to post job openings in nearby (and sometimes far away) FoundLocally communities. We have added this feature to our site, so you can specify which community a job applies to. To speed this process, you can select an existing Job posting, click the CLONE button, and post the same job to another community.
We ask that network marketing organizations <I> not use this capability to try to expand their network across Canada by cloning opportunities to all communities. If we see this happening, we will treat this as “abuse” and will summarily delete all job postings as well as your listing.

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