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Get the highest online visibility for your health spas and hair salons using the free listings.

FoundLocally has seen a large number of personal care services added to our directory, and have created several time-saving templates for hair salons, salons with spa services and health spas with a wide range of spa services. The templates pre-select a number of categories, which—of course—you are welcome to add to (or deduct from) to properly reflect the full range of features in your business

Making the Most of Your PROFILE

You can use the two Address lines to provide a mailing address and driving directions. For those facilities located in shopping malls, hotels or resorts, can use one Address for the name of the property they are located in, and the other for the street address. You may also want to include the property name in the Name2 field, which is not displayed, but shows your facility whenever consumers search for that property!

Use the About Us, Products/Brands, and Environment fields to provide a good description of your marina and services. Use Microsoft’s Word Count (in the Format menu) to pre-edit your info down to 250 characters each.

Post the brands of any product you carry to the Products/Brands field so you are searchable (and findable) by all the major keywords.

If you sell environmentally responsible products or run your salon or spa in an environmentally notable manner, mention that in the Environmental field

If you have multiple locations, create one listing (make sure you’ve selected all the right categories, and uploaded a photo/logo), and then CLONE the other locations. Then just update the Name, Address & Phone number fields of the PROFILE. If you have locations in other FoundLocally communities, use the “I have an office in…” pull-down menu on your PROFILE page to clone those locations.

Use the Templates when adding a Profile

We have some handy templates to pre-select  the “typical” categories for many salons and spas:

Hair Salon

  • be sure to review the Attributes categories, that your target markets are properly selected)

Hair Salon with spa (with aesthetics & limited spa facilities/services)

  • Review the CONSUMER-Grooming/Beauty categories that the categories properly apply

Spa-full service (primarily spa)

  • Review the CONSUMER- Grooming/Beauty categories as well as HEALTHCARE-Non Traditional categories that the all appropriate categories properly selected

Post NEWS & Announcements

Post news about new models, as well as any accomplishments and awards, and any contests you may be running to the NEWS tab. These are live right away (once your listing has been activated), and stay there as long as you want (the default is about 900 years!) … Try getting that response and visibility from the local newspaper, unless you are a “Golden Child”.

Announcements stay posted until you take them down. On FoundLocally, news has a long shelf life. FoundLocally news is not thrown out or recycled the next day, like with a newspaper!

News postings can dramatically improve your findability by increasing the association of keywords in the news story with your web site and your name. In addition they can improve your credibility as an industry resource

Post EVENTS to build Consumer Traffic

Use the EVENTS tab to post any special events, like educational seminars, guest speakers, and “live remotes” with a local TV or radio station.

Post Sales Events to the SAVINGS Tab

When you have any price reductions or special sales events, post these to the SAVINGS tab (please do not use EVENTS tab for sales, see the precedinge Tip)  You can alos post money-saving coupons (like you might pay to include in those coupon books).

Of course, spas & salon chains are also welcome to include FoundLocally in their online ad channel buy, which is handled by Fuel Digital  with offices in Toronto and Montreal.

We have strong traffic in our Beauty & Grooming section, where the context-sensitive search also drives consumers right to the location(s) of your locations. A win-win!

Multiple CONTACTS can Update Listing(s)

We encourage web marketers to add the salon’s and spa’s General Manager to the CONTACT list for that business. That way they can post any news (new services), events (live remotes, consumer workshops & seminars), sales, and jobs to Web marketers can add value by setting up “standard” job descriptions across their customer network, to make it easier for location managers to turn jobs on & off. (they spend a fortune on newspaper ads, so any little improvement in this large expense will make dealers eternally grateful)

If your salon or spa has one person handling marketing, and another handling staffing, set up multiple Registered Contacts for your business, 

See also Toggling Jobs On & Off

Add your LOCAL Free Listing to

Don’t forget to also post any News, Events, Jobs, and Savings to promote all aspects of your business and operations, (using the respective tabs in your listing).