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Selecting the Areas Pop-Down Fields

How to improve findability by FoundLocally users looking for neighbourhood resources

Many people ask us why we only have two pop-down lists. This is especially a concern for “city wide” businesses. The reason for these fields is to help consumers, should they search that way, find businesses right in their neighbourhood (incidentally they can also zero-in by postal code prefix, too).
Areas pop-down lists in PROFILE page
Choose the one or two closest neighbourhoods/cities to your physical location. These will be displayed and be searchable even if you have chosen to Hide Your Address. If you are a city-wide service, do not choose options at opposite ends of the community, or just the most populous or target-rich neighbourhoods. Pick those that indicate where you ARE located. In many searches, this is not a key parameter, but one option (of several) that lets customers “drill down” (filter) if there are too many search results.
If you want to suggest an Area pop-down option we may have missed, use the FEEDBACK button at the top of the page to let us know.
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