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SAVINGS Help for Business Listings

Information about how to post coupons, sales, and discounts on

FoundLocally provides the ability to post any number or any combination of coupon offers, sales announcements (these are not typically considered NEWS or EVNTS items), or discounts. The business directory lets you manage the offers, modify disclaimers or limitations, set expiry dates, and even re-use or clone savings offers again to save time, timing effort, and (of course) money. Savings postings on FoundLocally can link to any page or document (even PDF versions) on YOUR WEBSITE, so you can track referrals and links using your  analytical software, and also t easily manage the sales flyers in one spot.

We have made our SavingsListings more powerful. Use the Savings tab in your listing, after you have logged in, to access these features. Customers can view & search coupons, sales, and discounts by company or by category, and can even search for keywords in the coupon text. Coupons can be printed (we have a “printable version” without our usual site information) and include all offer details & limitations plus tracking numbers & print date.

When you Really, Really Want to get found

Post Coupons & Sales Announcements

FoundLocally is unique among business directories in that we can handle a variety of consumer offers: Percent Off (Save 10% on Model XYZ Widget), Dollars Off (Save $40 on Model XYZ Widget), Rebate Offers ($120 after Manufacturers Rebate) and General Sale Announcements (Everything is the store 10-30% off!).

Post Savings & Coupons Quickly

Click on Add New on your Savingslistings page (once you are logged-in). Enter offer details & conditions.limitations and select the appropriate category. These help shoppers narrow down their search. You can recommend a new category be added using our Feedback form.

Disclose Coupon Limitations & Restrictions

For general sales announcements, you should mention items excluded from the sale. Or that items are subject to prior sale, and how many are in stock. Include the fact that offers may not be combined with other offers, or that coupons must be printed & presented for disounts to apply. Use the pop-up window for some stock phrases you might consider using.

Clone Coupons to multiply your offers

Just click on Clone beside any coupon listing and edit those details that are different

Clone Coupons to multiply your offers to other locations & Categories

Registered Contacts managing multiple locations, or “department store” type operations, can assign coupons to other locations (they all display the same coupon), and even assign multiple categories to a coupon (they show up in different parts of the web site). This way if you run a chain with (say) 10 locations, you don’t have to create, edit and manage 10 different coupons, and our visitors don’t have to wade through 10 identical offers, either. This is done with the POWER USER tab.

Savings Postings are Automatically De-Activated After Expiry Date

COUPONS ARE ASSUMED TO HAVE A 30 DAY OFFER, unless you specify otherwise. After that date, they are hidden from the public listing but not deleted, so you may edit and re-use details for future offers. Retain your Coupons for future sales events or to edit for similar offers at a later time.

We send a reminder email about a week before your Savings postings expire, so you

Manage Large Numbers of Savings postings

Use the new “Power User” tab. If you manage several listings (like a chain) you can post a Savings to one listing, and clone it to any or all of your other listings.

Add Specific Web Links for each Savings postings

Link to a detailed offer or order form on your web site, but only WITH LOGO & LINK UPGRADE. FoundLocally now gets 15 million visitors a year, so isn’t it time to consider this? Click on LINKS to accept this.

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