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RATINGS Help for Business Listings

Basic information about using Ratings & Reviews to your competitive advantage

We have made our Ratings more powerful. Use the Ratings tab in your listing, after you have logged in, to access these features.

When you Really, Really Want to get found

Business owners can’t rate their own businesses

Please ask your clients to post their feedback on!

In order to be transparent & fair in our content, our Reviews & Ratings have this process:

  1. Visitors can post Reviews & Ratings. Ratings go from 1 (bad) to 10 (great) and display poster’s name or nickname (we are provided their name, e-mail and phone number*).
  2. We preview all Reviews for language and content and activate most reviews within a business day.
  3. We “hold” and contact questionable Reviews (ie “My wife died eating at this restaurant”) for further verification
  4. Unverifiable questionable Reviews (bad e-mail, phone number…) are “killed”, and not posted
  5. Businesses may post rebuttals and follow-ups.
  6. If you believe a comment is libelous and untrue, please use the FEEDBACK button. We will “suspend” the review, typically within a business day.
    If there is urgency, please use the Feedback form first and then PHONE US at 403-245-2194 (if you happen to get voicemail, just leave us your name and company)

Business tip: Some people say, “There’s no such thing as bad press”. With FoundLocally, if you have a Logo & Link to your website, each review written by your customers adds a link from our site to YOUR web site, which can have a positive impact on your site’s Google (TM) PageRank improving findability and traffic.

*Pursuant to our privacy policy, we will not disclose the personal details of those who provided ratings and reviews, just like we do not disclose your Registered Contact information to others.

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