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FoundLocally provides the opportunity for colleges and universities (as well as their on-campus groups) to promote themselves, their news, and their events to students, faculty, and the surrounding community. Here are tips and suggestions for how post-secondary organizations can get the most out of the free listings.
While schools do not need to do web marketing in the traditional (commercial) sense, they want to ensure students, faculty and the community are involved with a major community institution. Stakeholders should be aware of events, news, job and volunteer opportunities, and its contributions to the community, and be able to get additional details from the organization’s own website. Each faculty, department, and on-campus student organizations should add and manage their own FoundLocally listing

FoundLocaly provides the opportunity for colleges and uniiversities to promote themselves,their news, and their events to students, faculty, stakeholders, and the surrounding community. Here are tips and suggestions for how colleges & universities can get the most out of the free listings.

Post-Secondary institutions are unique in that they can use as an educational resource, as well as a way  to reach out their community, parents and other stakeholders. FoundLocally has long helped schools to promote themselves and their activities effectively and provided suggestions for using our site as a high quality educational resources. FoundLocally not only aggregate great community information (it you search on Google for local content, invariably you end up on FoundLocally, anyway), but do so for various communities across Canada, but provide a school-friendly, family-friendly environment free of tobacco, gambling and porn ads.

Dundas-Ontario College Of Art + Design-1

Dundas-Ontario College Of Art + Design-1

Since its earliest days, FoundLocally has recognized a symbiotic relations ship with schools and their students & teachers, and has provided free logos and links to help schools promote their various activities to their community.

Add Each Faculty/Department to FoundLocally

Individual faculties and departments should each have their own listing, so they can promote their own news, events, and activities, and self-manage that information. We have great cloning tools which  can set up individual faculties and their registered contacts quickly from an Excel spreadsheet. There is not cost for this assistance.

Contact FoundLocally for the Excel template and an overview of the process, and our privacy policy.

All on-campus student groups are also welcome to add themselves, and post  their news & events to our site via the tabs in their own listing. This is a great way to extend their reach among the greater student body and the community at-large. Please see blog postings with TIPS for associations and community groups, as well as for Festivals and community events


Make the Most of Your PROFILE

  1. Use the  Address field for the street/mailing address and use Address2 for the campus building / location reference
  2. Use the Description field on their PROFILE page to showcase the institutions & faculty’s location, size and grades in the student body, and name of principal and vice-principal.
  3. Use the Product/Brands field to showcase areas of and academic excellence as well as your top sports (and team/mascot name), Keep in mind the tight 250 character limit on what you say. Be very selective
  4. Use the Contact field to post a link to your website Contact form rather than an e-mail address , to  protect yourselves from spam.
  5. In the Logo field, you can either post a logo of the school or a school photo. Logos & Images must fit inside a 250 pixel square. Any larger images will be resized by FoundLocally.
  6. Choose Areas in the pop-down list to designate the areas that most accurately describe your institution’s location.

Make the Most of CATEGORIES

  • Use all appropriate categories, typically in the Shopping – Education & Learning section
  • Choose Shopping-Sports, Shopping-Goods & Services, or Dining – Food & Beverage categories for all  facilities open to the general public.
  • Public libraries use that category in the Shopping – Education & Learning section

Post NEWS & Announcements

  • Post news about faculty changes, faculty accomplishments and awards to the NEWS tab. These are live right away (once your listing has been activated)
  • Announcements stay posted until you take them down. On FoundLocally, news has a long shelf life. FoundLocally news is not thrown out or recycled the next day, like with a newspaper!
  • Dramatically improve your findability by using important keywords in the news story with your web site and your name. In addition they can improve your credibility as an industry resource

Post to EVENTS

  • Post open houses, faculty events, student events, guest speakers, movie nights, sports games, fundraising events, etcetera  to the EVENTS tab

Post JOBS to fill staffing needs

  • Use the JOBS tab (and “Add New”) to post recruitments for either paid or volunteer staff. Volunteer positions are noted by choosing “Volunteer” from the “Type” pop-down list.
  • Current recruitments have the “Active” option checked. After positions are filled and/or after the festival is over, all positions should have the “Inactive” radio button selected.
  • DO NOT DELETE postings, but make the “Inactive”, so you can re-use the postings another year, by changing the status back to “Active”, and update the posting information& dates

Add your LOCAL Free Listing to

Don’t forget to also post any News, Events, Jobs, and Savings to promote all aspects of your institution/organization and operations, (using the respective tabs in your listing).

Don’t forget to tell your faculties, departments, and campus clubs that they should also take advantage of FoundLocally’s significant audience & traffic to promote themselves! EACH is entitled to their own listing, as long as they have a unique address and phone number (we don’t want to overload your general switchboard!).