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Posting Job Opportunities

Information about the types of jobs and volunteer postings you can post to your listing’s JOBS tab

Businesses that are hiring–especially those filling openings on an ongoing basis–can easily spend hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars on career or help wanted ads. By using your FoundLocally listing to post job openings you can reach thousands of local job hunters, at no additional cost. Just click on the JOBS tab of your listing and “Add New”
All kinds of jobs can be posted on FoundLocally, from part time, temporary or contact positions right up to full-time and management/executive positions. Just select the Job attributes from the various pop-down listings in the Add Job form.
If you are a volunteer organization, looking for volunteers, use the JOBS tab as well. That way, Job hunters may find your opportunity a good way to improve their experience, and gain new contacts, while giving back to the community.
You can set an expiry date for the posting, and the posting will automatically disappear from public view after that date. We’ll even send out an e-mail reminder to you about a week before expiry, to remind you that you can re-set the expiry. For businesses with on-going postings (which can happen for a large restaurant, store, or construction company), you can set the expiry a year down the road. (and no weekly bill, like you would with newspaper classifieds).
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