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Solo Compute ( website for network security & disaster recovery specialists


Solo Compute Desktop 2018

What they do

Solo Compute ( have been doing network installation, software and hardware updates, and network security since 1997. Their clients range from small business, medium sized professional practices (lawyers, accountants, engineers) to government departments and agencies. They help organizations develop a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP), manage and control risk through schedule offsite backups, and when necessary. And when called, they spring to action to mitigate the impacts of a disaster. Disasters  to plan  for include Fire, Flood (like the Calgary Flood of 2013), Hardware FailureRansomware and Malware. These can all attack your network, your data, and your business systems and processes.  Solo Compute also provides a number of cloud computing services, Software as a Service (SaaS), and helping implement and manage Office 365 for everybody in your organization. They have been TransCanada FoundLocally’s hosting and technology go-to partner since 2001

What we did

We created their website  and recently updating to a Responsive website, and help them and some of their clients with their website optimization (for organic results), their web marketing, and their SEO.

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