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Asia Cannabis Corp
Asia Green Biotechnology portfolio

Asia Green Biotechnology Corp. is an early-stage international agri-technology company (publicly traded as CSE:ASIA), moving toward the planting, growing, and harvesting of new and valuable strains of hemp and related crops in commercial quantities in Asia. Our licensed technology secures our exposure to horticultural, scientific, genetic, genomic and related advances, and expands our capacities in the hemp and related sectors. Sectors they are pursuing are COVID-19 Therapies, Genetic Optimization of hemp varieties, and Bio-Fuels (Biomass and Gas to Liquids (BGTL) Technology).

What we have done for them

We have done the website design for first-rate ongoing public disclosure (trading information for CSE:ASIA), as required by securities legislation and we developed a domain strategy for their international expansion. For this company and website, we also designed the logo, to best represent the growth possibilities of the plants and the company itself. We have helped improve their organic ranking through keyword selection and directory submissions.

Asia Green Biotechnology Corp desktop website
Asia Green Biotechnology Corp desktop website

Asia Green Biotechnology Corp. public company website

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