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FoundLocally has developed a chain of Canadian locally-focussed community information portals. These sites are traffic-building “search engine magnets” which draw people from the global search engines to locally-focused content and to our advertisers’ web sites, precisely when consumers are “ready to buy”.

  • provides local content for individual cities, for 30 communities from Victoria to St John’s, including multiple sites across Southern Ontario & the GTA.
  • Trans Canada Highway for coast-to-coast travel information & highway itineraries
  • Moving In Canada for neighbourhoods, home-shopping & moving information
  • SEO/Web marketing blog with helpful tips for businesses & web marketers 
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Reach Canadians

TransCanada FoundLocally’s website help businesses reach Canadians. In your community.

Or people visiting your community, if you’re in the tourism business.

Or people moving to your community (or moving to Canada) if you’re in the real estate business.

That’s what we do! SIMPLE.

Reach a Large Monthly Audience

The FoundLocally portals are interactive for businesses, community groups & government who can add & update their organization, and post events, news, jobs (and volunteer opportunities) as well as savings (sales and/or coupons), all for free. 

These sites attract an ever-growing web-savvy audience — of community residents and visitors — of a million visitors a month, who are attracted by the in-depth content, and the Social Media elements integrated into the website. 

What makes this all the more intriguing is, that this traffic was generated without any traditional media, just “organic” search engine listings, “word of mouse” and word of mouth. 

For advertisers, FoundLocally presents two unique opportunities:

  1. to  target a locally focussed audience with community-tailored messages, and
  2. to  extend your Reach  to an online audience not typically overlapping your traditional media (print, radio, television) buys.

Reach an Affluent & Mobile Audience

These sites attract 212,000 unique visitors (making 232,000 visits) each month (June 2014). About half of our traffic is from users on mobile platforms(either smartphones or tablets) Advertisers can now cost-effectively target their audience and their interests.

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Website Traffic Breakdown by Device Type
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