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Email Marketing

Extended Frequency and Reach Digitally

Reasons why well-designed email marketing campaigns work:

  • Emails can send personalized marketing messages
  • Emails are opened and clicked-through at MUCH higher rates than social media updates or PPC ads when recipients expect regular emails
  • 60% to 80% of emails are read on mobile devices
  • Grow your loyalty with YOUR list of email subscribers

Email Marketing is Powerful and Personal

Communicate effectively and regularly with your clients through email marketing to establish, strengthen, and maintain customer relations. Keep your customers up-to-date and keep yourself in front-of-mind by sharing a variety of timely  and useful information with them. Email marketing is a cost-efficient and consistently effective marketing tool.

Every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered e-mail marketing. Email Marketing involves using e-mail to build loyalty, trust, and  brand awareness. Look at your current customer database and identify whom to target, automate your marketing programs to deliver most effective communications.

Recent changes in legal frameworks require permission-based marketing. Recent technology makes automation of the sales funnel easier (popular and leading tools for this are InfusionSoft, Zolo, Hubspot). But for those looking to extend frequency and reach, simpler tools like Constant Contact and MailChimp provide plenty of technological support

Technologies We Work With

Constant Contact email campaigns
MailChimp email campaigns
RSS Feeds

Email Marketing  for  Newsletters

This form of email usually covers several topics per issue and is sent out on a regular schedule to maintain and strengthen a relationship. We recommend keeping emails short (just a teaser line and a photo) but linking to your website for the full article. This is respectful of those on mobile devices, and the respectful of your subscribers’ time. They can be exposed to a number of  items, but click & read only those of interest.

Email Marketing  for Promotions

You may have a new product, or work on a seasonal marketing schedule,  or create a sense of urgency. Promotional e-mails are a dependable way to deliver a well-timed message to an already-receptive audience.

Email Marketing Measurement

Like every other inbound channel, email marketing campaigns can be measured, analyzed, modified and improved. These tools help track the performance of every campaign element, including the subject line, body content, landing-page copy and any offers included in the campaign. It’s also important to track opt-out rates to help quantify engagement and determine the campaign’s performance overall. Some services will yellow-flag you if opt-out rates or “spam complaint” rates are above a certain percentage.

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