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Our Qualifications

FoundLocally’s General Manager, Mark Ruthenberg, has been in the Internet industry since 1995, in a variety of capacities and brings almost 25 YEARS of Internet experience.

He has been an entrepreneur since 1983, including several years in public practice as a Chartered Accountant*. Before focussing to the internet industry, he spent a decade in computer training, and has written over 300 training guides, earning his living by explaining things in “plain English”. 

Over the past two decades, he has done website design, web marketing, computer programming, and software development both in-house and for clients. FoundLocally’s own websites have excelled at organic search engine marketing (search “FoundLocally” on Google, and you’ll see!), so we understand “value for money”. 

Since 2007, Mark Ruthenberg has been a judge of the International Advertising Awards, as well as a past judging co-chair for Digital Alberta’s MediaFRESH awards (2001-2003). He has served a decade as founder, Board member, and past-President of Digital Alberta (formerly Alberta New Media Association). He has served on the Industry Advisory Board for New Media and Digital Communications studies at two local institutions (17 years with SAIT Polytechnic and 3 years with Mount Royal University). 

Mark Ruthenberg signs off on every Website Audit.

We are Independent

With Website Audit projects we have not expectation or interest in further website business. We therefore are NOT SELLING YOU website design services, SEO services. Just giving you advice. That you can take to ANY OTHER FIRM to implement.


* Mark is no longer practices as a Chartered Accountant (and is no longer a member of the provincial Institute), though the lessons learned are still with him (just don’t ask him for tax advice!).See Mark Ruthenberg’s LinkedIn Profile for full resume. 

Mark Ruthenberg

Why Mark?

  • 25 years experience with the web & online marketing
  • graphics, photography, writing, and e-commerce experience with websites
  • almost a decade experience with social media & reputation management
  • 25 years business background to apply to making results-oriented internet marketing decisions
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