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New Navigation improvements added to FoundLocally

FoundLocally has made the LOGIN more accessible by making it a pop-up (rather than directing users to a LOGIN page), and made it easier for most users, especially those with a single business listing or a single resume by taking them directly to their info.

We also added a number of small navigation features to enable users to go to the Canada home page, back one page, or send us feedback (by adding a new icon to the Social Media icons grouping).New Navigation features

Site navigation was enhanced by the addition of a red maple leaf to the black stripe, which takes users to the FoundLocally – Canada home page. A “<” back arrow in the grey stripe (to prior page) helps those where browser’s back button is less accessible. We also added the “Feedback” icon to the group of Social Media icons (so you can suggest changes or improvements) to ensure feedback is accessible on all pages of our website (in addition to the Send Feedback text link in the white stripe on many pages)

New Login Pop-up

We updated the Top Navigation with several enhancements: we made the LOGIN a pop-up, (and now take those with one business, or one resume directly to that one page for updating, skipping a step) making the site more efficient for 90% of registered Contacts.

You can also login in any city, and go directly to your listing or resume, making it handier for travellers and those posting their resumes to another or a nearby FoundLocally city. those with multiple busikness listings, or multiple resumes will continue to be redicrected to their “Welcome” page where they can select which item they wish to edit/update.


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