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Vancouver Hotels Listing-with FIRST-IN-SEARCH


This will be an ad auction for EXCLUSIVE position, in seven sections per city: Community, Shopping, Business, Travel, Home, Entertainment, Auto (starting at $100 per month per city & section). Let us know about your business and your marketing GOALS.

First In Every Search!
First In Every Search!

Travel providers (hotel chains, airlines)  can also choose, where to be featured on by province.

Show up in all searches in that section of the site, and also show up in the “Pinterest style” content in any editorial (non-search) pages in that section.

Shown above is a listing of all hotels in Vancouver…  your ad/listing could be first. Shown below is our Vancouver home page… your ad/listing could be first!

Be front-of-mind and front-of-the list to build your sales, build your brand, draw traffic to your website… whatever you wish to set as your marketing goal!

If your SCOPE is regional or national, multiple cities or provinces are available.

Click on the Feedback button in your community, or please call!

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Vancouver Hotels Listing-with FIRST-IN-SEARCH
Vancouver Hotels Listing-with FIRST-IN-SEARCH


FoundLocally has the following sections available to FIRST IN SEARCH premium advertisers, at prices starting at $100 per month, per city:

Community: city home page, /Local content  including, history, government, communities, churches, associations searchers, /General directory

Shopping: /Shopping-Malls content, /Beauty and grooming content and searches, /Education content and searches, /Pets and animals content and searches, /Fashion content and searches, /Food, groceries, farmers markets, and cooking content and searches

Business: /Business content, /Business-Operations, office furniture, office equipement, lawyers and services content and searches, /Computers content and searches, /Communications and media, web design services, and web marketing content and searches, /Jobs-HR content and searches, /Office-Space content and searches,

Travel: /Travel content and searches, Accommodation content and searches, Attractions content and searches, Embassies and consulates content and searches

Home: /Homes-Gardens content and searches, including Home buying & selling, home builders, movers, home repair & maintenance, and storage, home furnishings, and lawn & garden content and searches

 Entertainment; /Entertainment content and searches, movie listings & showtimes, events calendar, /Restaurants, including coffee shops, bars, nightlife, liquor stores and craft breweries, /Sports content and searches including golf courses, ski hills and ski & snow report

Auto: /Transportation content and searches, Auto buying, maintaining, repair, and operations content and searches

Here is a graphical summary, using the menus at the bottom of each page of our website(s)


Regional groupings can be arranged for:

British Columbia (5 cities)

Alberta (3 cities)

Saskatchewan (2 cities)

Prairies (6 cities)

The West (10 cities)

The GTA (8 cities)Northern Ontario (4 cities)

All Ontario (16 cities)

The Maritimes (4 cities)

All of Canada (30 cities)


Each of the provinces can be targetted individually at bids starting at $100 / month. Ontario can be targetted from $500 per month. Each province’s content & searches includes the highway itineraries, the history, the towns& cities, and the attractions and accommodations searcdes in that province.

The Canada option gives the home page, the news & weather, and the Tours & Detours, and the Travel Tips,

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